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Readers ... a note about disclosure

If you've been a reader for a while, you'll already know that made up of little things is based on complete honesty (whether you want it or not!) As the blog has grown and has become the top Lincolnshire lifestyle blog in search results, I've received increasing numbers of requests from PR companies who want to work with me. There are rules governing this kind of thing, which are there to ensure that you as readers are aware if you are being advertised to.

The below is taken from the ASA website - 

It’s important to stress that we’re not here to stop bloggers earning money. It’s perfectly legitimate for a blogger to accept payment in return for promoting something in their blog. Moreover, the rules don’t prohibit PR companies sending free gifts or samples to bloggers in the hope of receiving a positive review. 

Nor are we here to regulate blogger’s opinions. A blogger can of course give their view on any topic and, if it’s an opinion, then we have no remit or interest in regulating that space. If, however, they are paid to say something positive then it becomes an advertisement and they must disclose it.

I have no intention of accepting money to promote a product that I don't like or care about. Believe me, I receive lots of emails asking me to do just that. But this blog would become a very different place if I were to start taking money to write about any old rubbish.

Here's what you need to know. If I am gifted an item from a PR agency then I will state this in the body of the post and I will give you my 100% honest opinion on the product/service. If I receive payment of any kind to publish a post, you will see the words 'PR Collaboration' at the bottom of the post. You can still rest assured that I will only be giving you my honest views about the product or service in question, and that I will only be writing about products/services which I think you will be interested in (i.e. I am interested in them too!) 

At no time will I sacrifice editorial control for money. This isn't that kind of blog.

PRs - a friendly note ...

made up of little things is a personal lifestyle blog and I class my readers as friends. Whilst I consider myself PR friendly I will only review/link to products and sites that I believe in, enjoy using and that I would recommend to a friend. I will only write about things that I have personal experience of in order to provide honest reviews and recommendations. Any posts containing sponsored content or items gifted for review will be clearly marked with a '*' prior to 2015 and with a more detailed explanation from 2015 onwards

Interested in sending me an item to review?
Please note that whilst I am extremely grateful to be asked, any reviews are at my discretion and will be made up of my 100% honest opinions

Interested in a sponsored post?
I will only consider publishing paid content (written by myself) if it is of interest to me and I feel it will be of interest to my readers

Interested in sending me a pre-written article or press release?
Please note that I only publish content that I have written myself, in keeping with the personal feel of my blog

Interested in publishing my work?
Please note that I have only limited time available to blog and my own blog will always be my priority. Please contact me to discuss my current rates

Please also note that I do not take part in blogger competitions. Hang on, let me make that clearer ...


Want to say hello or suggest something I might like?

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