Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Postcard to the Past

I was recently asked by Sykes Cottages to create a Postcard to the Past and I couldn't wait to get involved! Firstly because I've used their website several times to research short breaks and am happy to recommend it to you, and secondly because I love the idea of creating a personal postcard from a special memory.

This fantastic tool allows you to upload a photograph and turn it into a postcard, adding a special message to the people in it. You can even email it to them or share it on your social media channels.

Photographs of me are very rare indeed and old ones even more so, so it also allowed us to spend a happy hour poring over Matt's battered old laptop to find the gem above. Back in the days when we had our VW camper we went to the Peak District for a weekend and my sister Kay and her partner Kieran came along too. We had a wonderful weekend of walking, barbecues and playing poker in the evenings. We ate fantastic cooked breakfasts at the local pub and the boys (and dogs) played football for hours while Kay and I chatted about our childhood camping memories and the impending birth of her son, Finley.

Wilson chills out with a beer after a swim in the stream

There were many memorable moments from that weekend - Kieran getting carried away on the walk home from the pub on the Saturday night and deciding to jump across the stream, for example. After a couple of successful leaps he tackled the widest part of the stream and inevitably came a cropper, tumbling into the water and causing the kind of mildly drunken hysterics that prompt you to cross your legs for fear of embarrassing yourself!

The next morning we set out for a walk to the nearest village to pick up some supplies. Matt and Kieran took the football and were having a little kickabout as we walked through a field of cows. Kieran passed the ball to Matt and Wilson came shooting after it and got tangled up in Matt's legs. As he was carrying our heavy backpack, Matt was knocked off balance and came crashing down like a sack of spuds - with Wilson bouncing on top of him - causing us girls to fall about laughing, clutching each other with tears rolling down our cheeks!

Matt with his giant backpack and Kieran & Kay wearing matching trousers!

It was just a brilliant weekend and reminded me how it's often the simplest things - good company, good food, the great outdoors - that make me the happiest. 

Three months later, Finley was born and three years after that my wonderful sister was with me when I gave birth to Forrest. Our lives have all changed so much since those simpler times but I know we have many more camping trips ahead of us with our children along for the ride and many more memories to make together. 

Thank you Sykes Cottages for reminding me of such a fun holiday with my favourite people! 

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  1. It sounds like you had such a fun time on that trip. I'd love a VW camper, hopefully one day I'll get to have adventures similar in mine!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench


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