Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Round Up

Keeping cosy in my parents' kitchen last weekend

It's been a really lovely week around these parts, I must say. It started off cold and frosty with a sprinkling of snow and has ended bright and sunny and spring-like. I don't mind the cold weather, in fact I love it, but the sunshine today is reminding me that Spring is on her merry way and that's no bad thing. Yes, my days of wrapping up in cosy layers are nearing their end but more daylight and days spent outside are beckoning and I can't wait until our garden is finished so I can play outside with Forrest.

Jessie managed some sunbathing yesterday

We went car shopping in Lincoln last weekend and tried out some lovely new cars to replace my Volkswagen Touareg. We love this truck but it has some niggling problems which Matt doesn't have time to fix. They are potentially expensive too so it seems the time is right to trade it in for something different. We went out to look at a new Touareg and a Freelander 2 but I sat in a brand new Discovery in the Land Rover showroom and fell in love there and then. I always thought a Range Rover was my dream truck but not any more. Wow. It was stunning (but HUGE!) Remember I had an old Discovery years ago? Well this was something else entirely. We walked away mentally juggling our finances and went for lunch, where we pondered the merits of the truck and whether we should sign up for some sort of finance in order to make it ours. We decided not to in the end, so we're back to our Freelander plan.

Little Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week ...

Fresh flowers
I bought two bunches from M&S last Friday (only a fiver, what a bargain) and they have really brightened up the kitchen. They've also lasted beautifully. I've decided to buy fresh flowers every Friday from now on, I've always enjoyed having flowers around but thought it a bit of an indulgence. I've always discouraged people from buying me flowers as I've thought it a waste of money but I think I've changed my mind.

Discovering a new girl crush on Instagram
I won't name her for fear of embarrassing myself but I have a new girl crush. She is a few years older than me, married with three small boys and lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in the countryside. She knits (!) and bakes and her home is stunning - beautiful, comfortable and full of fun. I have Insta-stalked every photo she has ever posted and even stalked a blog which she hasn't updated for about two years. Yup, I'm a full on loon for the woman! 

A new candle
Half price in the sale, this Rituals candle is fragranced with Lavender and Eucalyptus and it is gorgeous. A bit of a departure from the wintry fragrances I've been enjoying for the last few months but it smells just like a spa and is instantly relaxing.

Starting a memory book
Matt bought me this notebook a while ago (under the candle in the pic above) but I found it lurking in the dresser drawer this week and I'm excited all over again. I wanted a special book to record memories of my mum - I've always had a terrible memory but I think I delivered part of my brain when I delivered Forrest - and this is perfect. It has a gorgeous bird pattern that she would have loved. I'm not going to allow any form of order in this book, it will basically be a brain dump - every time a memory strikes me I will write it down. I'm looking forward to having a full book of wonderful memories to revisit in years to come.

Spring Cleaning
I had my first Forrest-free day since November yesterday! I didn't have time to miss him though, I spent five and a half hours spring cleaning the house. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with cleaning, I have to do it when the mood takes me (because it doesn't very often) and really blitz the place. So I've de-cobwebbed, steam cleaned the floors, deep cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the coffee machine, the washing machine, the tumble drier ... did my hand washing and aired all the clothes I'm too scared to wash (my washing machine is pretty ferocious and I don't trust it with anything delicate) I even filed Matt's tax return and dropped off four bin liners of pre-pregnancy clothes at Womens Aid. I was exhausted last night but the house is sparkling!

Using my new Emma Bridgewater pasta bowls
I've wanted these for ages and I treated myself when they went into the sale. They are just gorgeous! I bought four but should have stuck to two really. They are perfect for cosy comfort food by the fire and I've been using them as much as I can this week! Chicken Chasseur in a pasta bowl, anyone??

Settling into life as a housewife
I'm not a housewife, I do have a job and I do earn my own money (albeit not a lot) But I feel like I've finally settled into the domestic side of life. I'm taking a real pride in our home and the life we're building together and I'm really enjoying it. I'm finding myself investing in our home and our future in a way that I haven't done for a while. I'm feeling a little more energised about getting the house finished and I'm seeing every little step for what it is - a little step nearer the end. There's still a long way to go but I don't let that get me down any more, I'm trying to enjoy the journey rather than wishing it away. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have made this place as homely as the cottage was

Getting crafty
I bought a book to teach myself to knit! After my last post I decided to take a step towards learning something new. And then I cleared out the dresser and found a little stitching kit that my sister bought me when I was pregnant and decided I ought to try to finish that before I start anything new - I'm a devil for leaving things half-finished. I'm heading in to town later so I might just pop by the knitting shop and buy some needles and yarn though. Just to be prepared.

Finding a surprise treat in the dresser
We bought this to gobble over Christmas but we were too ill and I'd forgotten all about it. Tonight we will rectify that.

This weekend I'll be getting my hair done (finally, my grey roots are almost an inch long!) while Matt takes Forrest swimming and maybe meeting them for lunch afterwards. I'll also be finding and ordering Matt's birthday present - he has requested a chainsaw. I've requested a Kitchenaid. I know, I know, we're WILD! I'd also like to book us a night or two away somewhere. I booked a night at The Boars Head in Ripley for my parents as a Christmas present, they are going this weekend and I am insanely jealous! Matt took me (and the dogs!) for my 30th birthday, it's a gorgeous place and I know they're going to love it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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