Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Little Catch Up

 Port Erin - Isle of Man

Hi there. It's been a while since I blogged. This month has just flown by in a blur. Being on maternity leave is so strange - my weeks don't have any structure and I regularly forget what day it is because I don't have any set plans on set days, more a sort of loose outline for my days, such as ...

'oh tomorrow I need to drive into town for a few bits of shopping, maybe I'll pop and see my step mum if she's in, maybe we'll go and feed the ducks if there's time'


'well tomorrow I need to stay in and wait for a delivery so maybe I'll catch up with the washing and do some batch cooking for Forrest, then we'll walk the dogs in the afternoon if it's nice'

... that kind of thing. My pace of life has changed completely and yet I feel busier than I've ever been because looking after Forrest, the house and Matt keeps me constantly on the go and I often don't get a minute to myself until about 9pm when all my little daily jobs are done. By that time I have a list of things I want to do, things for myself, but I'm usually worn out and have to psyche myself up to get off the sofa to shower and go to bed

Matt went over to the Isle of Man for the TT races last week, from Thursday night to Monday night. I was obviously really disappointed not to be going myself, we missed last year because we were so busy trying to get the house ready to move into because Forrest was on the way. I'd intended to leave Forrest with my parents this year so we could both go but when it came around I just didn't want to leave him, so Matt went alone. I didn't really mind, he deserved a break but I'd love to have gone. I love the atmosphere at the TT and the island is just so beautiful

Matt has some friends who ride there so he gets far more involved than I do, I just like to find a good sunny spot and watch quietly with my little radio and iPhone tuned to the race website to keep track of the results

There's really nothing else like the TT and I'm determined to go next year. Matt's friend Gary won a race on Monday but came off yesterday and broke his collarbone and sadly, a boy that they used to know from their moto x days was killed in an accident. It's a terribly dangerous sport but I can see why they do it, the adrenaline rush from just watching is incredible, doing it yourself must be addictive. The riders have such respect for the TT course, it's completely unique. If you haven't seen the film 'TT - Closer To The Edge' then I highly recommend it - you don't need to give a fig about motorbikes, it's a brilliant film anyway. And if you like hairy Lincolnshire boys then all the better! Matt was with his friend Guy Martin and his team the year that it was filmed but despite repeated watchings I haven't seen his mug in the film, disappointingly!

We'll be spending the rest of the week watching the TT coverage every night on ITV4 and wishing we were there, much like last year really

In other news, I've managed to lose a bit of weight despite giving up on my recent plans to diet (I just don't have the willpower) and am now only 6lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight! I think it has just taken a while to shift because it went on so slowly. I still feel huge so hopefully it will continue to gradually drop off and I'll be back to my old self soon

All photos in this post were taken by Matt ... and they're pretty good, aren't they??


  1. Wow! Matt's photos are lovely! did he get to use your snazzy camera? No one in my family is allowed to touch mine haha!
    I'm not mad keen on motorbikes but it is definitely exciting when you see them racing in the TT.

    Escape to the Westcountry

  2. Beautiful photos! I was I had been there too this year, my husband lived in Douglas a couple of years ago and I spent many happy weekends hopping on the ferry to visit. We were going to go back for it this year but I'm pregnant so we're heading over in a few weeks instead when it's quietened down!

    I love reading your updates about Forrest and life as a mum, I'm due in November so it's lovely hearing about your experiences. Hope things settle into a bit more of a routine for you as he gets older!

    Ann xx
    Prattle and Froth

  3. Gorgeous photos! My dad used to work in the Isle of Man and I visited before and thought it was beautiful. We were there for the TT Races too. I would love to go back there :) xx


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