Thursday, 12 June 2014

A confession

I stalk cats

That's it. I would love a cat but it's not exactly practical right now, so I stalk other people's instead

I don't know exactly who owns this beauty but we see him now and then, making his way up and down the lane, in and out of the gardens, up and down people's drives. Usually Matt will knock on the window and say 'Tiger Cat is on the drive!' and I'll go running out with my camera or a tin of tuna to try and ingratiate myself with him. But in true feline style, he senses my keenness and rarely stops to chat. Perhaps I'm just too needy. Perhaps I need to play harder to get

Perhaps I need to stop wasting good tuna on this ungrateful beast.


  1. hahaha! This made me chuckle. Cat stalker. That is one very handsome cat. They are so superior though sometimes! I've got 3 cats and they would rarely give you the time of day unless it suits. No idea why humans need cats so much when clearly cats don't need us!

  2. This made me laugh. I really want a pet. When I am being realistic something small that doesn't need a garden and when I am being ridiculous a dog because then my allergy would have disappeared too. I think it is cruel for Ava not to have a pet and cruel for me. Why do I live in a flat without a garden out the back in London :(

  3. I saw a cat just like this in Chiswick (West London) yesterday. It was so striking, I had to pull over and have a closer look. Beautiful! Guess that makes me a cat stalker as well! x

  4. They're so damn stand offish but he's a handsome beast - keep on at it. At least until someone calls the RSPCA about your cat bothering ways!
    M x Life Outside London


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