Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Round Our Way

Since becoming a mama I've gained a constant companion in Forrest, he's like my right arm. I had imagined popping him in the baby carrier every day to take him out walking with the dogs, so that I could carry on walking in the same places I had always loved - the hills, woods, bridleways and fields  around The Wolds

Sadly, I had reckoned without my near-useless back and pelvis. I've used the baby carrier once and had weeks of physio to repair the damage. These days I leave the baby carrier to Matt and stick to my trusty pushchair when I take Forrest out 

I chose a three wheeler model with inflatable tyres as there aren't many paths around where we live and I expected to be pounding a lot of the bumpy roads and tracks to lose my baby weight. The pushchair is kind of suitable for off road use but pushing it on bumpy, uneven ground is hard work and no good for me so I do tend to stick to the roads. At first I was devastated about missing out on the good walks and thought I'd get bored of walking around the village but I've decided to turn the situation to my advantage and explore some of the other beautiful villages in this area

I took these pictures a month or so ago, during the short spell of beautiful weather - what on earth has happened since then?? I'm pleased I didn't pack my coats and scarves away!

Over the next few months, as the weather (hopefully) improves again, I'm going to make an effort to visit the places I love even though I'll have to stick to the roads and paths

You just came here for the bird pictures? Here you go ...

How cute is he ????


  1. Lovely photos Rachael. Sometimes it's nice to get out and explore somewhere you wouldn't normally.
    I've just started up my own blog up so do pop over and have a look if you want to.

    1. Thanks for the link, I'll take a look tonight xx

  2. Lovely photos Rachael. I would love to walk my dog here :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. i got our pram so i could do all terrain, luckily the big wheels are really handy for bouncing off kerbs because that is the most action they get.

    and the baby carrier killed my back too.

    i am liking these bird photos--slowly but surely you are going to educate me so i can say hey look there is a XXX. yes that is the dream :)

    1. I saw a woman using one yesterday and she made it look so easy, I felt like a failure!

      That's a blue tit above, by the way ;) xx

  4. These photos are crazy beautiful, I love the greeny blue colours.

    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere

  5. These photos are stunning! The birdy is so cute! IT's amazing what you find when you take a different route, enjoy exploring new paths with the pushchair x


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