Saturday, 17 May 2014

Friday Round Up

cute cafe at windermere - yums - shopping haul
feeding the ducks with forrest - tea time - much-needed coffee delivery
beautiful walk - beautiful dog - a little celebration

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The first Friday Round Up of May! 

I've spent lot of time in my head the last couple of weeks, debating my return to work. Since I went on maternity leave a new head of department has been recruited, so I have a new boss. I met him last month and he called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that my request for part time hours has been agreed. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this, whether I can really leave Forrest for three whole days every week, what childcare arrangements we will need to make, how the finances etc will work. I still haven't quite made my mind up how I feel about it all and I'm hoping to get some time with Matt this weekend to talk about it and straighten it out in my head

Speaking of leaving Forrest, I've been practising this lately. He's had a couple of full days with his grandma to give me a bit of a break and although the first time was hard (and I almost dissolved in tears on his return!) my 'day off' this week was much easier, if a bit of a failure. I decided to head to Meadowhall to do some shopping - both Forrest and I desperately need clothes, I had perfumes I needed to sniff and I thought I'd treat my cub to some new toys. Sadly I came away with just two items - not quite the epic shopping trip I'd imagined! I consoled myself with an afternoon nap and an hour in the woods with Jessie, during which my camera battery went flat. Sigh. At least my back benefitted from a break from baby-carrying for the day, so it wasn't a total bust. Next week will be better ...

We went to Windermere earlier this month to mark my Mum's birthday, I love this little tradition and have posted about it before, several times. Sadly it was cold and rained heavily the whole day - it was like mid winter! We still enjoyed ourselves though and managed to make it our usual food-fest. I always get home with indigestion! This trip included lamb casserole, coffee and walnut cake and fish and chips (not all at once ... even I wouldn't do that) We had a lovely day despite the terrible weather

Tonight we consumed an obscene amount of M&S barbecue food (Posh Dogs are my new favourite) and now I'm going to treat myself to a loooong bath with some fancy bath oil and possibly an episode of American Horror Story before crawling to bed for an early night. Forrest has started giving us a 5am wake up call and I need to catch up on some Zs! Tomorrow I'm going to have a lie in with my iPad while Matt gets up and gives Forrest his breakfast - I may even get a cup of tea if I'm lucky!

What do you have planned for tomorrow?


  1. I hope that you get the work return all sorted in your head, I can't imagine how hard it must be leaving that cutie face behind!!

    I'm glad you enjjoyed your annual Windermere trip despite the great British rain! x

  2. Lovely round up - great pics. Ducks, dogs, & babies! Work is a massive decision, hope you get it sorted after talking it through.


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