Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'I feel the need, the need for tweed ...'*

Now that the weather is turning warmer it's time to reluctantly think about packing away the chunky knit cardis, knitted scarves and waterproof winter coats and start thinking about a less heavy duty wardrobe

Being a tweed-o-phile (new word for you there) one of my first ports of call was tweed jackets at Joules. I'm a long time Joules fan, as evidenced by the photos here and here In fact, I started to mentally rifle through my wardrobe whilst writing this post and was quite stunned at how many Joules clothes I own. Dresses, polo shirts, scarves, coats, gloves, hats, boots, hoodies .... you name it, I have it. With a Joules label on. Sadly, it's mostly from my pre-pregnancy days so it may never see the light of day again (damn you, baby weight!)

My Field Coat is a few years old now and if I were looking to update it, I'd be purchasing this one in Hardy Tweed (1) Warm as well as stylish, I've had tons of wear out of my Field Coat. It's equally at home worn for lunch in town, walking the dogs or on the point to point course and people always ask where I got it from. Luckily it's one of the few items that still fits me!

For warmer days, the Parade jacket (3) would be perfect, perhaps with a brightly coloured silk scarf. I have a gorgeous brown herringbone tweed Joules jacket from a few seasons ago, currently languishing at the back of my wardrobe. I may have to replace it as it's a size 10 and runs away screaming when I open the door these days ...

Finally, I love the smart-casual look of a printed shirt and this one (3) has got it all - a hand drawn print, eye-catching colour and a tailored fit. I think it would look beautiful under a tweed jacket

What's on your Spring wish list?


  1. Joules certainly do the nicest coats! I'm incredibly partial to their wellies though ;)

    1. I got my nephew stripy wellies for his birthday, they are so smart! xx

  2. I discovered the new Joules shop in Lincoln last weekend............. I will be returning. Love the shirt. xxx


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