Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Round Up

breakfast time - weaning homework - weaning aftermath
beautiful blossom - queen jessie surveys her kingdom - lovely spring evening
no words, too cute - matt's latest masterpiece - 2014 calendar, better late than never

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Thank the lord it's Friday. This has been a TOUGH week. I used to reserve that statement for weeks which involved driving 1000+ miles, staying in strange hotels, preparing meetings at midnight and negotiating deals involving millions of pounds. But these days a week of nonstop crying from Forrest has the power to bring me to my knees

The little fella is teething and he's not enjoying it. He's also going through a developmental 'leap' which is making him horribly clingy - he screams bloody murder if I go out of sight for a second. He was also showing all the 'signs' (if you believe in that sort of thing, I'm not sure I do) of being ready for weaning except waking in the night. So when he resumed crying at 4am yesterday I decided to get myself together and offer him some solid food at his 11am feed

I hit Sainsburys and armed myself with freezable cube trays, bowls, spoons, baby rice and we were off. First impressions with baby rice weren't brilliant and todays sweet potato wasn't what you'd call a success either. Fingers crossed that tomorrows pear is a turning point

In other news this week, I've started an intensive course of chiropractic to (hopefully) sort out my poor pelvis and tailbone enough that day to day life is a bit more bearable. We can but hope

Making all of the above better is the fact that Spring is finally here. The days are warmer and brighter, the evenings are longer and everything is set to a background track of glorious birdsong. How can anyone fail to be cheered by such a joyful sound? I've been putting Forrest outside the patio doors in his pram for his afternoon nap and I'm quite envious of him, snuggled up warm and cosy and sleeping in such a lovely spot

This week in short - 

The Good

* Spotting a grown man in M&S wearing a Goofy hoodie. Just ... wow. There were no words

The Bad

* Some of the frankly bizarre conversations I've had with Matt over dinner this week, due to extreme over tiredness on both our parts. One included questions such as would you rather ride an emu or a dolphin (??) own a giraffe or a crocodile, and would you rather kiss an otter or a panda? (Matt - 'a panda. It could hug me')

The Ugly

* Lying in bed on Sunday morning and a woodworm dropping out of the beam above us and landing on the duvet. You can imagine the hysteria. Have you ever seen a woodworm? Although we've done battle with them before (a drawback of living in a 1600s house) I've never actually seen one. They're pretty big and have a lot of legs. We call them termites and have sworn death on them before the end of the weekend

How was your week?


  1. Wow! Well my week hasn't been as stressful as yours!
    We have had a crazy week lambing but thankfully only a couple more to go!
    On Wednesday I took the nutty horse to Heather Moffett's yard to be a guinea pig for her Enlightened Equitation students and he was suspiciously well behaved. My sharer is injured at the mo so I've got 2 to ride. The nutty pony behaved badly on Saturday so the balance was restored. I knew he was plotting something!
    On Sunday I took the tame pony (my Romanian ex cart horse) XC schooling which was awesome and she loved it and kept doing little bunny hop bucks after the jumps! She usually hates jumping so I was very pleased that she seemed to enjoy it! only taken 3 years to get her confidence up a little bit!
    Hopefully you'll have a quieter week with Forrest - have you got an amber necklace/bracelet for his teething? my friends all swear by them.
    I really should start my own blog about the life and times on my Devonshire smallholding with our nutty animals!

  2. Gorgeous photographs as always! Oh my god...I would have died if I woodworm had landed on me! I have the worst bug phobia! yuk!
    Katie x


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