Saturday, 5 April 2014

Friday Round Up

Just one pic this week ... because it's so cute!

This week has passed in a blur of long walks (in THE SUN of all things!) strong coffee and plans for the future

I did a keep in touch day at work on Wednesday and Matt took the day off work to have a boys day with Forrest. Matt went to the hairdressers, into town to buy some shoes and then to the dry cleaners to pick up his suit and Forrest went along with him. And was as good as gold all day. I'd had a difficult couple of days with him at the start of the week and I was kind of hoping he'd give his Daddy a rough time so Matt could see what I'm up against some days but no, of course he was the model baby. Dammit. We did a proper role swap for the day - I got up early and went to work and Matt got Forrest up, changed him, fed him and played with him in the nursery. I wrote him a rough outline of Forrest's typical day and got home to find each section ticked off neatly. Matt even made dinner, did a load of laundry, washed up and prepared the bottles for the next day. I had to (grudgingly) admit I was impressed!

Matt's also a hero this week for unblocking the shower drain AGAIN after I blocked it with my crazy hair loss. It's getting ridiculous now, I feel like there's hardly enough left to cover my head! And if I had hair envy before I saw Rosie's Boden post (when I saw this post for example) I am absolutely pea green now! Look at it, is it the stuff of dreams or what??

Best things about this week

* Seeing a tiny girl riding a little grey pony through the village, accompanied by her mum and big sister. Literally beaming from ear to ear and wearing a bobble hat cover over her dinky riding hat. Just so cute!

* Blossom, blossom everywhere. Our old house had several old fruit trees in the garden and the blossom was a real pain at this time of year, sweeping down the road in the wind and sticking to our cars on the drive. Now it's someone else's problem I can appreciate how pretty it is!

* Finding a chiropractor who specialises in SPD and is excited to treat me! My SPD symptoms are back and worsening, apparently this is rare after the birth and I am 'a real challenge'. Fab eh??

Worst things about this week

* Matt lost one of his friends in a motorbike accident last month and the funeral was yesterday. It's been hard seeing him so down this week, especially as he's such a positive person usually. I'm really trying to help him through his grief, I just wish there was more I could do

* An explosive, all-the-way-up-the-back poo from Forrest today. It would almost have been easier to take him outside and hose him down than attempt to tackle it with baby wipes

* Headaches. Three really nasty ones. Fingers crossed they leave me alone this weekend

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. This is soo cute! - not sleep after 5pm!



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