Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Day In Harrogate

Lucky old me spent Good Friday in Harrogate with my little family and I had a whale of a time! Matt is so busy with work at the minute that we are lucky if we see each other for a couple of hours each night and his weekends are spent working on the Great Never Ending House Building Project - established 2008. But as this month has included a four day weekend, I was determined to sidetrack him from work for a least a day and get us all out of the house, doing something together. And luckily for us, Good Friday was glorious in this part of the world

We started the day with dippy eggs and soldiers - a Matt speciality. We love our home-laid eggs soft boiled with toasted granary soldiers smothered in butter, yum! Matt gave the dogs a quick run while I packed my bag with everything Forrest would need for the day and actually remembered my phone AND camera! Well, I forgot them but I remembered them in time to go back and get them, which is almost the same thing, right?

Sadly the bank holiday traffic ensnared us as we got on to the A1 and slowed us up a little so we had to stop at the services to give Forrest his porridge and fruit. Forrest made friends with (read 'eyes at') two lovely old ladies in Costa who cooed and giggled with him whilst I tried to shove porridge into his mouth, resulting in very gooey smiles on his part!

We finally made it to Harrogate and, without meaning to, found ourselves in And So To Bed who were having a huge refurb sale. We were lured in by a gorgeous bed in the window and ended up lying on mattresses and looking at fabric swatches ... I'm not really sure how that happened! 

We wandered around, taking in the beautiful historic buildings and enjoying the lovely sunshine. We weren't the only ones, every patch of grass was filled with people making the most of the gorgeous weather

We popped to my spiritual home, Bettys, to pick up a salad to eat on the grass with a glass of Pimms and let Forrest have a little stretch out. It was the first time he'd felt grass and I think he liked it, he tugged away at it and looked quite intrigued

It made me so happy to spend some time as a family, I think it's maybe the second or third day this year that we'd all been together all day and I just loved it

 The reality of a day out with a baby - feeding on a bench in the street. Thank the lord I'm not breastfeeding any more!!

Matts favourite pic from the day!!

We got home a little later than planned so we hurriedly gave Forrest his tea, bath and bottle and settled him in bed before settling ourselves in front of the TV to watch Homeland on Netflix with a Jack Daniels and Coke

The perfect end to a perfect day!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! Such an adorable little bub too :)

    Kelsey Dina <3

  2. I absolutely love Harrogate... it's stunning. How good was the bank holiday weather too, looks like you guys had a great little trip out.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out! x

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day, i visited Harrogate last year and would love to go back, the park is beautiful :)

  5. Aww gorgeous photos, we had great weather up here too for Easter weekend xx

  6. I've not been to Harrogate but have been wanting to go for a little while, it looks really lovely - I love places full of old buildings and tea rooms!

    Chloe x

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time! I love Harrogate, its such a pretty town :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  8. I want to smoosh Forrest's gorgeous little face! What a handsome boy he is.
    It's so important to get a bit of whole family time in amidst the chaos of day to day living, looks lovely.
    M x Life Outside London

  9. sounds like a great day and one of these days i am going to make it to harrogate if it kills me. i need to try betty's scones.

  10. Oh lovely photos! I live in Harrogate ( it's my home town) and I love to see how other people spend time here and how it looks through the lens of visitors. Glad you had a nice day. Just found your blog through Cider with Rosie :)


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