Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Round Up

feline visitor at the patio doors - new candle dilemma - neighbours cute garden
a lonely daff - gift from my sister - lie in with an angel
one day, three lost items found - breakfast with an audience - did someone order a wild friday night for two?

instagram - madeupoflittlethings

This week has been totally dominated by my ever-increasing love for my favourite band, Elbow. They've finally scored a number one album and by god it's absolutely beautiful. How much music released in the last few years can truly be described as beautiful? The poetic lyrics, rich melodies and soaring choruses bring tears to the eyes. And it's not just my postnatal state - every one of their six albums has done this to me over the years. The band is the thinking woman's crumpet and Guy Garvey writes the best love songs you've ever heard, even when he's writing about the breakdown of his 10 year relationship. Example below - talking about aforementioned very recent ex and how, years from now, he will wish the best for her and the family she'll go on to have in the future;

A sober midnight wish flies over the roofs and down through the years
Would that you and yours were sleeping safe and warm in size formation
While three chambers of my heart beat true and strong with love for another
The fourth, the fourth is yours forever
elbow - this blue world 

And all delivered in his gorgeous, soulful, Mancunian baritone ... do yourself a favour and have a listen. Just have a tissue handy. Don't say I didn't warn you


  1. Something tells me I need to listen to that album! Also, I bet you loved it when that little tabby face popped up. Meow x

  2. I love Forrest, can I have my breakfast with him as an audience one morning? ;) I also love Elbow. The lyrics are astounding... that little exert just reminded me and caught me and now I want to have a little cry.

    Ellie | | xx

  3. Love your beautiful. I need to check out this album!
    Katie x

  4. Oh the lyrics made me a little goosebump-y! I've not really ever listened to Elbow. I love the mummy and daddy mugs and Forrest is a regular cutie! x

  5. i think i need this album. and i am glad i am no the only one who has wild friday nights :)

  6. You are totally right, Elbows music truly is poetry in musical form. I love them especially as they were one of my Mum's favourite bands :) And on a side note, just HOW big has Forrest got?! He's getting so grown up! x


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