Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Round Up

the dogs babysitting - no idea when i'll have time to read these - rolling baby
evidence of spring - dip 'n' share eggs - foggy morning
nap with forrest - my favourite place - friday night treats

instagram - madeupoflittlethings

Despite promising myself that I'd do a round up every week, you may have noticed that it just hasn't happened. The fact is that I'm knackered! Being on call for a baby 24 hours a day is just exhausting and when he finally hits the hay at night I've still got dinner to cook, washing up and tidying up to do, bottles to wash, sterilise and prepare for the next day and a load of laundry to wash and drape over the Aga overnight. Matt has been embroiled in a new business venture since the new year which is keeping him extremely busy but is also extremely exciting and requires discussing at great length every evening too :) so as you can see, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Again. I've really rediscovered my passion for blogging and would love to have more time to do it but I also love reading up on all my favourite blogs too ... there just aren't enough hours in the day! I need to manage my time better I think, there must be a way of structuring my days (and nights) to squeeze a bit more time out of the day. I'm working on it ...

Forrest started sleeping through the night last month and this continued, apart from the odd night, until a couple of weeks ago when things went awry again. He's now waking up for his late night feed at 10.30pm (which I used to do whilst he was asleep) as well as two to three times in the early hours. Just when I thought we had it nailed he has changed the rules and reminded us who is the boss. He also had his third set of vaccinations last week and we are dealing with the aftermath which means he gets quite unsettled and needs lots of cuddles (not a huge problem, he's not always big on cuddles the rest of the time so I'm making the most of it!) But the bone-crushing tiredness is back and I'm not enjoying it

Luckily for me I have a wonderful fairy stepmother who takes Forrest off my hands for a few hours every week so I can catch up on some sleep, get some jobs done or just have a break. This week I spent my Forrest-free time being massaged to within an inch of my life - back, neck, shoulders and an Indian head massage. It was heavenly. I then made my way to my step mums sofa, steeping in gorgeous smelling Elemis oils, had some lunch and took myself off to bed for a couple of hours. Bliss. Forrest went visiting with his grandma, flirted with all her friends and the lady in the bank and had a walk along the sea front, taking the air like a proper olden-days baby. He returned in great spirits and had an early night, leaving me and Matt to enjoy Rosie's dip 'n' share eggs with toasted sourdough bread and plan our lives for the next 15 years (our new favourite pastime!)

I also tried another Rosie recipe - Coca-Cola pulled pork - on Wednesday night when my dad came over for dinner. Matt works late on Wednesdays so I get my lovely dad all to myself for a couple of hours. He was most impressed and, I think, has become Rosie's latest follower! Purely for her recipes, I'm sure ...

My post natal hair loss continues, we had five people over for Sunday lunch last weekend and I think everyone got one of my hairs on their plate! The poor woman who did my Indian head massage was covered in it and the floor under the treatment table had enough giant hairballs to stuff a small mattress. I hope it stops soon, I'm sick of finding hair everywhere!

Work on the house plods on, Matt spends every weekend outside, building. He's currently building the walls around the garden and last weekend he put in some beautiful York stone steps from the lawn - or what will be the lawn - down to the patio - or what will be the patio! It's such a slow process and it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel but we are getting there, we just have to keep reminding each other that it will all be worth it in the end

Tonight I'll be indulging in a long hot bath whilst listening to the new Elbow album and, hopefully, an early night. Tomorrow Matt will be having his first day off since Christmas so that we can do something together as a family - we haven't quite decided what yet but a long walk with the dogs will feature somewhere, I'm sure. He's racing on Sunday so I'll be heading to my parents for Sunday lunch with the family

If you haven't already, please do enter last weeks giveaway for the chance to win a beautiful scented candle from Rebecca Blake. I'm a total convert to these candles and have my next four purchases planned already!

Have a fabulous weekend, may the sunshine continue!


  1. Look at him roll, beyond cute!! x

  2. Gorgeous photographs...I love hearing you family updates, so lovely and makes me excited for our own little family. Although the hair-loss-dilemma freaks me out just a tad!
    Katie x

  3. Love the pic of the two of you napping together! x


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