Saturday, 29 March 2014

Friday Round Up

beautiful afternoon walk - forrest with auntie kay - flutterby
pre-pregnancy skincare stash - morning ritual in the nursery - obscene chocolatey goodness
baby-free = loose hair and a chunky necklace - a little friend - the krypton factor/jumperoo

instagram - madeupoflittlethings

How was your week? Mine was great!

We started with a day at home on Monday, a lazy day. We had a beautiful, long walk in the afternoon, soaking up the sun and enjoying listening to the birds singing away happily. It really felt like Spring was upon us and I found myself smiling and humming to Forrest as we followed the road out of the village. I could have walked all day! When we got home I took the little fella off to bed for a sleep as he was a bit whiny due to lack of nap time ... two hours later we woke up! Two hours! 

On Tuesday we visited my mummy friend Rachael and her gorgeous baby Molly for a lovely walk and some baby chat. I only met Rachael about six months ago and I am so glad I did - it's so rare for me to meet someone I instantly hit it off with. We have so much to talk about, we never stop chatting and the time just flies when we meet up! We were both heavily pregnant (and fed up) when we first met and Molly was born just six days after Forrest. They will be at nursery together later this year and hopefully they'll already be best friends by then :) The low point of Tuesday was when a pair of starlings dropped down the chimney and into the kitchen, panicking and flying into the windows, all the while crapping everywhere - the sofa, the cushions, the oak floor, you name it. It took me 20 minutes of opening windows and doors and waving the tea towel at them to get them out. Forrest sat in his little seat and looked on in awe - at least it entertained him for a while!

Matt took Wednesday off work for a family trip to the Peak District (more in a coming post) which was absolutely brilliant. We haven't spent a full day as a family since Christmas so it was long overdue and much enjoyed. Having a baby in tow means that you need to cart a whole load of stuff along with you and the chaos of an early start and ensuring Forrest was fed/changed/dressed/had all his necessary gear meant that I completely forgot both my camera and my iPhone and had to resort to using Matts iPhone for the obligatory snaps. Extremely frustrating but the important thing is that we had a lovely day together

On Thursday we headed into town to visit my step mum and she took Forrest for a walk while I ran some errands. She also had one of those indecently chocolatey triple chocolate muffins all ready and waiting for me - not good for the waistline but insanely delicious!

Yesterday was spent at home, waiting for deliveries. One of which was a Jumperoo for Forrest. I've been assured that this is the way to ensure I get ten minutes to myself when I'm alone with him all day. It took an hour to assemble (thanks, baby brain) and to be honest he doesn't seem that enamoured with it. I'm secretly hoping he doesn't take to it - it's a monstrosity! I can hear eBay beckoning ...

We also had to pop to town for emergency baby cough and cold supplies. Forrest is suffering with a horrible chesty cough and whilst it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much, I'm suffering when I listen to him hacking away. Poor thing, I hope it doesn't last long

I've nothing much planned for this weekend, although it will be my first Mothers Day as an actual mother, which feels ... I don't know, like a bit of an achievement I suppose. I've been promised an all expenses paid spa trip when I next feel the need (Forrest is very generous with presents!) and I'll be visiting my lovely fairy stepmother on Sunday and enjoying a roast with my sisters and their children while Matt builds walls at home. It's a hard life!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy spoiling your mums tomorrow 


  1. Forrest is the cutest! Happy First Mother's Day for tomorrow xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely and productive week. Enjoy your first Mother's Day. How exciting : ) x

  3. Hope your first Mother's Day was fabulous! :)
    That muffin looks EPIC...xx


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