Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Round Up

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It's been a really good week. Perhaps that's why I've found it easier to blog today? No one wants to write (or read) a jumbled, hastily written post about how the baby's not sleeping and I'm feeling really down, do they?

For the last two nights Forrest has slept through until 6.30am and 6am respectively. Long may it continue! He's sleeping more in the daytime too which seems to make him more cheerful and less whiney and demanding, a win-win situation I'm sure you'll agree. I think this may be contributing to the fact that I feel a bit more me again this week, a bit more my old self and a bit more on top of things

I finally managed to find the time to have a couple of lovely baths of an evening and use my Aromatherapy Associates birthday treat bath oil. It's literally bloody amazing. I have been a long term fan of Espa Restorative bath oil but this one may be my new favourite. Expect a review shortly! 

I've had my hair cut, about three inches off the ends and I'm now sporting a bit of a fringe again. It's slightly more high maintenance than I'd like but I look less severe with a fringe so it's worth the extra effort. I'm in the grip of postnatal hair loss at the minute, literally losing great handfuls every day and finding it everywhere around the house. I hope it slows down soon or there'll be nothing left. And I'm sick of it blocking the shower plughole!

Forrest had a couple of hours with his grandma yesterday afternoon so I took myself and my laptop off to a cafe to blog. Sadly the wifi wasn't working but I did have a delicious lunch and get to listen to a couple in their fifties on their first date after meeting online, which was a bit of an eye opener. I also had a call with my boss to discuss my return to work in October. I've asked for part time hours, two or three days per week and I'm just waiting for the verdict now ...

I've finally finished writing up my birth story today, that will go up in a couple of days and I've got some reviews coming up too, as well as a lovely giveaway. I'm excited about blogging again and I'm really over the moon to see that I've kept all of my readers - I expected to lose a good chunk once I started banging on about babies but it seems that I'm not as boring as I thought! I'm still very conscious of wanting this not to be a 'mummy blog' though and, whilst I'll keep you updated on Forrest's progress, this isn't going to become 'made up of baby things' !!

It's Matt's birthday today so we'll be celebrating tonight with a Chinese take away and copious amounts of Jack Daniels and Diet Coke



  1. Hi, I am a Mummy living in the countryside too :) My children are a little older though... 5 and 6 :) When you have children you really appreciate 'me time' don't you! My blog is at if you would like to check it out :)

  2. Cheers indeed, glad to see the Friday round up back on my feed!! X

  3. my favourite posts from you :) Forrest is absolutely gorgeous! x

  4. Love hearing good week stories- mine has been pants, but tomorrow is the start of a new fresh week! Gorgeous photographs!
    Katie x

  5. glad to hear everything is settling down and you are feeling more you again :)

  6. Hey great to see you back!


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