Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Waiting Game

15 weeks

 21 weeks 

25 weeks

 30 weeks

39 weeks

So, as you may know if you follow me on Twitter, Saturday was my due date. Our baby is now officially LATE (and therefore takes after his/her father) and we are getting extremely impatient. Everyone I know who has had babies has had them early so I fully expected to follow that pattern but I should have known better - life rarely works out how you expect does it??

I feel like I've been just waiting for the last few weeks. I've hardly left the house for the last week or two as I'm just too massive and uncomfortable to get in and out of the truck and walking anywhere is a no-no since baby's head engaged in my pelvis, bringing the SPD back with a vengeance. We went for a curry on Thursday (which was absolutely amazing by the way - definitely a last supper to remember!) and since then I've pretty much been hanging around the house waiting for early labour signs. I've been doing my hypnotherapy every day, my hospital bag is (finally!) packed and the truck has been cleaned out and filled with pillows for the hospital, snacks and drinks for the labour and chocolates for the midwives. We've even perfected the art of getting the car seat in and out - no mean feat!

I can't concentrate on reading, I can't find anything I want to watch on TV and I'm too grumpy to want to see anyone. I had been so looking forward to maternity leave, I had so many fun things planned but I've not been able to do any of them for various reasons and I hadn't banked on being this antsy and fed up with myself! Last week we were both so excited, expecting the imminent arrival of our long awaited bundle at the weekend. But since the due date has been and gone we've become frustrated and fed up. Patience has never been my strong suit and coupled with the extreme discomfort of late pregnancy I expect I've been a bit of a nightmare lately!

So I'll continue my daily hypnotherapy, bounce on my birthing ball, dose up on evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf and sniff my clary sage oil in a valiant attempt to evict the belly-dweller. I may even suggest another curry night tonight (any excuse)

Please send all your very best 'have a baby' vibes my way - I need all the help I can get!!


  1. Come on baby! :)
    You'll soon have your bundle of joy and it will have definitely been the wait :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Aw I hope little one turns up soon! It'll not help but there is a tendency for first pregnancies to be overdue! My niece was two weeks late! Will be sending 'baby come out' vibes your way!!

  3. I was 8 days late, your baby is one of me. Sending dilation vibes your way (creepiest way I could think to say it...;) ) xx

  4. How exciting, congratulations! I am a Mum to a 2 year old and an 8 month old and it is the best thing ever. Hope baby comes soon. xx

  5. Oh poppet!! You poor thing. Sending the little bubba all the will in the world to start moving it's way out of there. Hope you find a couple more fun things to do while you wait. xxxx

  6. Good luck, can't wait to meet baby little things. xx

  7. I hope the baby comes soon and you finally get to hold your bundle of joy in your arms. Best of luck with everything xx

  8. I was 10 days early... sorry...!! Sending labour-ing thoughts to you, CANNOT WAIT to see a picture of Baby Madeupof. Will you be telling us the name? (Secretly hoping, as I did with Royal Baby, that it will be an Alice. Don't crush the dream) xx

  9. A few of my friends and family members who've had babies have been overdue on their first babies - not sure if this is just a coincidence or if first babies are often more likely to be overdue because any subsequent babies they've had have then come early. Sending you positive baby inducing vibes nonetheless :)

  10. PS: Just realised this post is a while ago and that you're little one has arrived by now so big congrats to you - and having just discovered your lovely blog I hope you'll be back to blogging in time :)


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