Saturday, 24 August 2013

Friday Round Up

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Another week gone, just three left in my Maternity Leave Countdown! I don't want to seem like a slacker but I am really looking forward to it. Not working will mean one less thing to worry about because frankly, I've got enough on my plate at the minute

I've made the decision to stop driving a couple of weeks ago - after a trip to a meeting in Derby I was in total agony with my pelvis and still am, so it seems it's time to admit defeat on that score. I'll still pop to the shop and into town to visit my family now and then but my days of four hours in the car are well and truly over

I've also reduced my working hours by half, meaning that I work until 1pm and spend the afternoons laid on my bed with my giant pillow making good use of my Netflix subscription (all viewing suggestions welcome!) I've re-watched Downton Abbey and Gavin & Stacey and am now working my way through Secret Diary of a Call Girl. My bed is the only place I can get comfortable so I'm spending an awful lot of time there lately but it's my favourite place to be so it's no hardship really

The biggest news this week is that we are moving in 3-5 weeks! Despite the fact that the new house is nowhere near ready and doesn't have so much as a toilet yet, we are under pressure to get ourselves in before the baby arrives. We've timed it to coincide with my maternity leave which will mean that I don't have to worry about setting up my office and unpacking all my work stuff etc. A 'To Let' sign went up a couple of weeks ago and we have found some lovely tenants, a mature couple who are relocating from Kent and fell in love with the place as soon as they walked through the door. They were so keen and so happy to have found their new home, it was heart warming to see! They came round for a cup of tea last weekend and we sorted out the final details - deposits, moving dates, utilities etc and we're all set. They want to be in by 1st October so we've not got long to get things sorted and work on the new house has become a bit frantic! 

So we've begun a frenzied attack on finishing the house. My parents and best friend Liz are helping me with painting and Matt continues building work with the brickies. We've got so much left to do, the only way to tackle it is in bite sized chunks. As long as we have a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom that are completely finished, I'll be happy. The rest will just be a work in progress and will be finished when it's finished. I'd rather have it all perfect before we move in but as Matt pointed out, we're so far behind schedule already that if we don't move before the baby is born we probably never will!

So as well as making lists of baby stuff we need and ordering away like mad, I'm also in the process of picking paint colours, choosing bathroom furniture, changing our address, arranging safety checks and catering for the hordes of people who descend on us every weekend. I'm so lucky to have such helpful family and friends, there's really no way we could do this without them. My parents, particularly, are so giving of their time, especially as they are so busy themselves - both working full time and moving into their own dream house in two weeks time!!

The baby is getting bigger now and I'm struggling to eat a full meal without feeling stuffed as it's taking up so much space! I've got a real sweet tooth at the minute and it's hard to balance out the sweet stuff with the healthy stuff. All I want to eat is chocolate and cake! The baby suffers from regular hiccups, which feel like little throbs in my lower abdomen. Baby is positioned head down and likes to wedge his/her feet under my lower right ribs which is mighty uncomfortable. Nearly all the movement I feel is on my right side so I'm guessing it must be facing that way. We had our 28 week midwife appointment  a few weeks ago and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again - people seem to get really excited about this but I'm not sure why. I'm in no doubt that all's well in there judging by all the movement, it's like having a one man band in my tummy! 

This weekend I'll be making mass lunches for the workers and perhaps attempting to do a bit more painting if I'm feeling brave. I've had a good couple of days with my SPD - I think my reduced working hours have helped - and it's hard to know whether to take advantage and crack on with some painting or just be glad that it's eased up a bit 

If any of you are pregnant and suffering or if you know someone who is, The Pelvic Partnership have a great website, full of advice and information 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad to hear all is well, and how exciting about the big move! (although stressful, I imagine.) I'm curious, does it feel weird when #RachaelsBaby gets hiccups? I can't imagine how I'd feel having something like that going on in my stomach! Your pregnant ladies are a puzzle to me ;)


    1. Very stressful! And yes, hiccups do feel extremely weird, as do all wriggly/squirmy movements to be honest. The whole thing is just downright weird! xx

  2. That's SO exciting about the move and everything, I think it's true- being forced to get on with it is sometimes really useful! And glad everything is going well with the baby and your pelvic troubles have eased up a bit. You and your bump look amazing- but whenever I see pictures of pregnant women with their hand under their bump, all I can think is "Do you have to hold your bump up!?". Clearly, the whole pregnancy thing just baffles me still. xx

    1. No you don't have to hold it up. It's gravity defying :) But - how can I put this delicately? - in profile it is far more flattering to cover that area with your hand, if you see what I mean!! xx

  3. Your bump looks amazing :) I don't know how you do it, I'd probably been hiding under the duvet having a meltdown if I had to move house and finish said house! It'll be awesome once you've moved in though... Hope it all goes well.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

    1. Ah thanks Liz! I do feel like hiding but there's no way I'd get away with it :) xx

  4. It's been a race to see which is going to come first the move or the baby! Good luck with the move, it'll be great to be in your new abode before bubba comes. Might not seem like it now, but much better to move with a bump and SPD rather than with a baby! x

    1. Hasn't it just?! And you're right, that's what I keep telling myself. However hard it seems now, it would be far worse if I'd just given birth and had a newborn to contend with!! xx


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