Friday, 26 July 2013

So, Where Were You ...??

... when Wee Baby Cambridge was born?

I was sitting in my home office, laptop open, contracts strewn around the place and BlackBerry on silent whilst I was glued to Sky News on my iPad. Same scenario for Monday and Tuesday

I'm a huge Royalist. I hadn't realised until Wills & Kate got engaged and my previous curiosity turned into all out fangirling. I suddenly felt the urge to know ALL about the Royal Family. I bought a commemorative mug. I bought the Diana biography in order to gain an insight into the Royal Household and even a book written by the Queens cousin, one of the Queens 'ladies-in-waiting'. I was excited for the Jubilee and bought another mug. I watch everything on TV that has any mention of the Royal Family, especially if there are horses involved. I've followed Zara Phillips career obsessively and I'm almost as excited about her pregnancy as I was about Kates.


I've followed Kates pregnancy closely, scrutinised every picture to detect her growing bump (if you can call it that) and counted down the days to her due date. Last week was spent checking the news every hour and when the news came on Monday morning that she was in the early stages of labour I almost wet myself with excitement (literally - pregnancy does that to you)

So Monday and Tuesday were spent watching Sky News and checking the Clarence House Twitter feed for updates whilst tweeting Eleanor, Becca, Charlotte and Alice to try to keep the excitement in check. Watching the Royal couple leave the Lindo Wing with Prince George on Tuesday afternoon and talk to the frankly staggering amount of waiting press was the highlight of my month. And as you can imagine - I've ordered another mug.

And now it's all over. And Sky News really ought to back off because explaining to viewers that the Royal couple want 'some private time to bond with their new arrival' whilst you are camped out on the grass verge outside the Middletons house is a bit of a joke really

Enough now. They've been more than generous. Let's leave them in peace


  1. I find this whole thing very, very strange. I don't want to think about having a baby myself, never mind thinking about someone else pushing 8lbs 6oz out of that tiny little space. That's all... xx

    1. That's weird. Aren't you the girl who tweeted me recently that you wanted to have children young?? xx

  2. I'm glad you didn't actually wet yourself. Although I admit I would have enjoyed the lol's if you had done... xxx

    1. I'm glad my incontinence would amuse you :) xx

  3. I think it is lovely how excited people are for them and indeed the arrival of a new prince. I do however agree that they should be left alone as after all, they are still human beings like all of us that deserve some privacy at this wonderful but I'm sure emotional period :)

    He was a little cutie wasn't he, did you see his little wave!? :D

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. This post completely sums up how I feel about it too - I was glued to the TV earlier this week but I agree that they should be left in peace now. My parents live a few miles from the Middletons and apparently it's complete chaos around there - huge numbers of press camped out and lots of police to compensate. It's time to let them settle into family life without intrusion x

  5. I love this. TOTALLY agree about the privacy thing- just leave them alone now please, until we get a nice official photo at Christmas with 6 month old George looking all cute. I'm jealous of your mug- I'm going to order an Emma Bridgewater one after payday on Tuesday. Yesss. Cheers fellow Royal Baby Crazy Lady!! xx

  6. My eyes were on the computer screen the whole evening little prince was born. And I too had the urge to read every single book about the royal family!
    Laura xx

  7. I'm so impressed with all the mug buying and book reading you did on the royal family, that's intense! Do you now see Kate as a birthing inspiration? Will you think of her when popping yours out?



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