Friday, 28 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

I'm blogging about my Thursday again. Not because it's been any more interesting than the last few but because I like this link up (thanks Charlotte) and the last few Wednesdays I've been working from home (well, playing Candy Crush and drinking tea, anyway) which defeats the object somewhat

So yesterday I woke up at 7am, planning to wash my hair before work as I'd been too tired to do it the night before. Turned out I was too tired to do it in the morning too so I enlisted the help of some Klorane dry shampoo (excellent stuff, all you Batisters out there!) and fashioned a ponytail. I jumped - no that's a lie. I manoeuvred myself into my car (no mean feat with SPD!) and set off for Derby with my heated seat on full blast and Maximo Park on the stereo, singing along and wondering if the baby was enjoying it. I realised very soon that I was almost out of fuel and, being the daredevil I am (read LAZY) decided to wait until I got to Derby to fuel up, so I could use Sainsburys rather than motorway services and get some nectar points! 

I reached my usual Starbucks stop and got my usual chai latte with soy and a shot of espresso - god it's delicious. I got to the office a bit early, parked up, realised I was starving and turned around to go to MacDonalds for breakfast. I only had one meeting booked in but I knew it was going to be a long one, it was with a supplier I haven't seen for a year and the two Directors are absolutely lovely, really chatty guys. I was right - the meeting lasted two hours and twenty minutes and I estimate only twenty minutes was spent talking business, including printing and signing of contracts!

I worked for a couple of hours, had a long chat with the receptionist and left at 3pm, starving again. I popped to the nearest Boots to stock up on a few bits - mostly travel sized toiletries for my hospital washbag come October - eek! I fuelled my car and got soaked in the process, needing a Star Bar to cheer myself up (note to self - if it's raining, use one of the pumps in the middle of the forecourt, not Number 1 which is right on the edge and has no protection from ridiculous driving rain) Then it was back in the car, heated seat on again and a nice drive home, stopping on the way for a nap when my eyes refused to stay open. I blame the baby

When I got home Matt was waiting for me and we swapped seats so he could drive us to Louth to pick up our new babymobile, which had been for an engine remap. It's gorgeous and I love it! He spent an hour chatting to his mate, which meant I was starving AGAIN and demanded to be taken somewhere for tea - it was 8.30pm by this point. We found an Indian restaurant and made pigs of ourselves with poppadums and a pickle tray, onion bhajis for me and prawn puree for him, then lamb bhuna, chicken makhani, pilau rice and a garlic naan

Me, worried - 'Do you think we should have got Bombay potatoes??'
Matt - 'Erm ... I think we'll be ok'

It was 10.20pm by the time we got home so I left Matt to feed the dogs while I pretty much collapsed straight into bed, full, happy and tired. Is there a better feeling?


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