Friday, 14 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

I enjoyed this tag last week so here it is again! Head over to Charlotte's Web to link to more

So Thursday brought another trip to my office in Derby. I used to work from home most Mondays and Fridays but this has stretched to cover the rest of the week since I've been pregnant - feeling crap most of the time has made me want to curl up at home more than usual - but I've noticed that I'm a lot happier for having a day out of the house. This hasn't escaped Matt's attention either and he's been offering to take the dogs to work far more than usual in the hope of getting me out for the day, knowing I come home more cheerful! Working from home, whilst a godsend in many ways, can make you very isolated. I don't mind this in the main, I've always been quite a solitary person and never get lonely. But I work for a very large company and sometimes it's easy to forget about the wider group that I'm actually working for and get caught up in my own little world of home office. Also, spending so much time in the house makes you grumpy, even if you don't notice it at the time

So I hauled myself out of bed, made tea and toast, got myself ready for work (maternity pencil skirt, opaques and a new Isabella Oliver top, which I love) and off I went at 8am, looking forward to my Starbucks stop. I allow myself a Starbucks once a week as I've been limiting my caffeine since finding myself 'with child' and I don't mind telling you that a Chai Latte with soy and a shot of espresso is the highlight of my week. It's also a good way to break up the two hour journey and do some people watching whilst in the queue

My boss was visiting me yesterday and was already there when I arrived (rats!) which meant he had to sit in on my 11am meeting in silence (awkward) before we had our 'catch up'. The catch up mainly involved him telling me that he still hadn't started recruiting for my maternity cover - worrying as I start maternity leave in exactly three months and there's an awful lot of information to hand over. We also talked about whether I would like to keep my company car whilst on leave. Maternity pay is pretty piss poor and the company car tax plus fuel costs, normal PAYE and NI wouldn't leave a lot. We'd been planning to buy a 'babymobile' anyway so I suppose we'll have to do it sooner rather than later. Another expense we could do without but we should be used to that by now!

So I worked the rest of the day away and managed to get my inbox down to under 100 for the first time since February. It's amazing how having ones boss in the room makes one more productive :)

Heading home, the atrocious weather continued (I mean really - opaques in mid June?! I was glad of them though!) and I got stuck in traffic

About 40 minutes from home I started to feel distinctly ill in an 'oh my god - what did I eat??' sort of way. I spent the last part of the journey suffering from horrendous stomach cramps and trying not to hit any bumps in the road before I managed to get home, abandon my car on the drive and rush to the bathroom. Where I spent most of the rest of the night. Which meant I missed the cat programme I'd been looking forward to. But luckily I have the Sky app on my phone so I was able to record it from the bathroom! Isn't technology marvellous?!

Matt was out all night, setting up the track for his next race on Sunday. When he got home at 10.30pm we went to bed and looked at babymobiles on ebay until we fell asleep

How's that for mundane? :)


  1. Make sure you catch up on the cat programme, it was good! I really like reading these posts, I hope you make it a regular thing! x x

  2. I hope you're feeling better now! What a flipping nightmare, it is all bloody go when pregnant! I have two pregnant women on my team and I've not hear a whisper about maternity cover which is making me nervous! I hope you get the handout all done and dusted xxxx

  3. Is it really weird that I find I'm MORE productive when my boss isn't around!? That could be my boss' micro-management style though, where I'm drip fed things to do- if she isn't there, I just have a stack and work through it! Hope you're feeling better now lovely- you really are having a rough time of it!! xxx

  4. The cat programme was great, it has made me want to stick a camera onto my cat Oliver to see what he gets up to!

    Enjoy your next Starbucks :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  5. Eugh, sorry you got ill :( & not recruiting for maternity yet? Uh oh... x

  6. Wow that sounds a pretty productive day to me! My life is so mundane that I don't think many would want to read about it! Sorry you felt so ill especially after all the pregnancy 'illness' you have endured. But countdown to mat leave has commenced! x


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