Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

I'm following the lead of one of my most favourite blogger pals today and sharing a peek into my mundane work-a-day life. If you want to read Charlotte's blog post and join in, you need to visit Charlotte's Web (and join via GFC whilst you're there - she doesn't need the extra followers but I'm sure you'll love her blog. Especially if you like cats)

Anyway, today I rolled out of bed at 8am, drank an impressive cup of tea courtesy of Matt and waved he and the dogs off to work. As I headed back upstairs I heard him wail 'oh NO!' and my heart skipped a beat. That tone is usually reserved for monumental atrocities such as 'oh NO! Someone's broken into my van and I left my briefcase in it!' Today, luckily (or not) it was followed by 'Jessie's got a bit of poo hanging out of her bum! I can't stomach it first thing in the morning!' I swiftly reminded him that he'd be able to stomach it far better than his pregnant partner, who is suffering from 24 hour nausea and that soon shut him up

I spent about 20 minutes doing my make up - you know sometimes you just really enjoy getting ready? Or is that just me? Then I dressed in my new ASOS maternity leggings (super comfy - I may never go back to normal clothes) a vest and a wafty tunic, tied my hair up and headed off to my office in Derby. I put my iPod on shuffle and had a good old singalong to 'Fire' by Kasabian, then I stopped for a Starbucks chai latte with soy and a shot of espresso, which saw off my lingering headache from yesterday a treat

I had a meeting with a new contact from a supplier who was supposed to be coming in to present a proposal which would convince me to re-sign our contract, which ends in a couple of months. He brought his boss along for good measure. Here's how that went;

Me - 'So, what do you have for me?'
Him - 'Well, you'll be pleased to hear that we have discussed the matter with our commercial team and we can offer you a saving of 10% per annum'
Me - '£90k over two years then. Great. How are you going to do that?'
Him - 'Pardon?'
Me - 'Where will that £45k per annum come from?'
Him - 'Ah well, it will come from a number of areas'
Me - 'I see. But where exactly?'
Him - The savings will come from a number of areas across the piece'
Me -  'I can't go to my FD and say 'Supplier X will save us £45k p/a for two years from a number of areas'. I'll look like an idiot. I need more information, a full proposal, not just a finger in the air'
Him - 'Ah, um, ok'

This man is 30 years in his job, ladies and gentlemen and this is a HUGE company we're talking about.  I shouldn't be surprised at their incompetence as I've dealt with them for the last seven years but still. Wow.

Anyway, I trotted off to get some lunch, a yummy Caesar salad from the Golden Arches, popped into Boots for some shampoo (L'Oreal Colour Riche - a new favourite) and fuelled my car. I trotted back to the office, caught up on some calls and emails, had my car valeted and came to an abrupt halt at 3pm when my laptop battery went flat and I realised that I hadn't brought my charger with me. Brilliant. I left in a huff and went straight to the first services on the way home - I needed more Caesar salad and some Belgian chocolate covered peanuts. On the way home I had a catch up with my ex-boss, who told me all about his new job and made me a bit jealous

I stopped at the country store on the way home to buy corn for the chickens and when I got home I found that my new Apple USB Superdrive had been delivered. It's just a disk drive for my Macbook Pro but doesn't it sound fancy? Like a superhero. Which it bloody ought to be considering how much it cost. And only Apple could get away with selling a £2k laptop with no disk drive. So now I'm importing my pregnancy Hypnotherapy CDs to iTunes so I can put them on my iPod and hypnotise myself every night. I'll let you know how that goes

Matt is on his way home with the dogs, he's going to cut the grass tonight while I cook tea (chicken breast stuffed with garlic & herb Philadelphia and wrapped in bacon, with home made potato wedges and peas) Then I'll walk the dogs, have a shower and wash my hair and we'll watch the TT coverage on ITV4 and moan about how we should have gone and we MUST go next year and we MUST get it all booked soon

And that's about it. I hope you're still awake! 

If you decide to take part in Mundane Midweek, please leave a link in the comments below so I can read about your day. There's something about reading about someone's normal day that intrigues and fascinates me. It feeds my nosiness and I like that :)


  1. Oooh I'm SO glad you did this post & Charlotte retweeted you because it meant I discovered your blog, yay! I might well do one of these posts myself:) After I've spent a while reading your blog :)
    Hannah xo

    1. Lovely to have you along :) I look forward to reading your post! xx

  2. I had my first ever Starbucks last week, I've really being missing out! I really enjoyed reading this, it's nice but nosy to take a peek into someone else's day :P

    Hope everything is well with you and the baby Rachael :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Oh my, that guy sounds incompetent. Work frustrations get me so wound up, haha. The poo bit gave me a good laugh though, and your dinner sounds AMAZING xxx

  4. I love the way you write Rachael and I'm glad you aren't turning into a mum blogger. I like the realistic side of these things and your maternity leggings and dog poo makes me like you even more! That guy sounds like a crapola, especially as it is to convince you - I wish people prepared more, the common blag is all too common these days xxxx


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