Monday, 11 February 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I fancied a change. Walking the dogs has become a bit of a chore lately, just another job to add to the seemingly unending list of jobs that seem to be on my daily 'to do' list. As I was off games due to my cold I didn't plan on working at the new house and I had to pop Jessie to the vets for a check up, so I decided to stop off on the way home and give the dogs a good run

I drove to an area where I used to keep my horses when I was younger and the memories came flooding back. Memories of simpler times when all I cared about was my horse and I lived for riding, exploring the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside for three, four, five hours at a time before settling my horse for the night and hopping into my little car to drive home to my mum's home cooking, a hot bath and my own bed. I remember early morning rides on warm summer weekends when there was no one else to be seen, just us and the birds. I remember the feeling of 'one-ness' with him, the thud of his hoofs on the turf and the sheer joy of cantering along the brow of a hill with the Wolds stretched out below us. I remember laughing and crying for joy at times like this and just feeling lucky to be so happy, to be alive and able to experience such a moment

I do love a good reminisce!

The dogs had a great time, playing with sticks, chasing each other and hunting in the long grass

Jessie was sad when Wilson had a stick and she didn't ...

 So she tried to steal his stick ...

He's been avoiding losing sticks to her his whole life so he's pretty nifty on his feet ...

He managed to get away ...

So she gave up and went and found her own stick ...

 And then everyone was happy

It was a beautiful bright day but cold - only 2 degrees above freezing. I love their little clouds of breath!

For the first time in ages, I wasn't in a hurry. I wasn't squeezing in a quick dog walk between doing other jobs. I took my time and enjoyed watching the dogs playing, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous surroundings ... and a little walk down memory lane :)


  1. Great post!! I would have loved to have my own horse and still do! That was my dream when I was younger to be able to got out hacking over fields for hours and just being with your own horse. How lucky you were! That must of been such fun going there with the dogs!

    Jen xxx

  2. This is beautiful. Hope everything is going well at the new house my darling. xxx

  3. So lovely to do this, I find myself rushing my way through a dog walk all too often. It's only when I force myself to get off my phone, or properly pay attention my dogs that I can relax and enjoy the walk xx

  4. Those memories of riding your horse sound magic- it was always my dream to have my own horse when I was younger! :) Jessie and Wilson look SO happy in these photos! Teddy got in trouble with a mean and grumpy lady at the park this week for trying to pinch her dog's ball! I told him to stop, but it's natural dog behaviour right?!

    Hope you have enough time this week to take a breather, and reminisce some more :)


  5. What lovely countryside to ride around. There is definitely no greater feeling in the world than flying along on your own horse, wind in your face, and all that power thundering along beneath you. I'm 27, and have never found anything i prefer to do more! Sadly the riding in south Devon is very poor, but having read this, i might have to box over to Dartmoor for a really good blast somewhere new and exciting. It's been a long, wet, muddy winter so far and i think my horses and i really need this!
    I'm glad you had a lovely walk and the dogs look like they had a fab time too xx

  6. What a simply lovely day!! Your puppy's are so darling and I love them playing with the sticks!! Beautiful photos by the way!! xo

  7. This is such a beautiful little post, i really enjoyed it xxxxxx

  8. Lovely photos! Really miss not having any countryside to take Millie out for walks! It looks like such a lovely walk and the dogs had fun running around!x

  9. This was truly enjoyable post and made me think of the woods and fields I used to wander around in when I was younger!
    Laura xx

  10. These are lovely pictures! I always appreciate a good wander with the dog, I haven't found much thats better for clearing my head! Hope things are going well at the house xx

  11. I would now like to own a horse and ride it through that countryside. I love those times when you re-discover somewhere that was special. Thanks so much for the dog stick story, made me chuckle :).

    ellie | x

  12. Such lovely pictures, and great memories. And your dogs look like they are having massive fun :) made me smile :)

  13. This looks like such a lovely way to spend the afternoon - a perfect way to clear out the cobwebs and get some fresh air! It definitely looks like Jessie and Wilson enjoyed it too! x

  14. Great post and lovely photos. xx

  15. This is a beautiful post blog friend, the dogs look so happy and your horse story is lovely. I was always too scared to ride horses properly, but I loved grooming horses when I was younger. They're such majestic animals xx


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