Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Round Up

This is what the week has looked like for me. After contracting Matt's man flu I've been attacking it with everything Boots has to offer, including up to the minute drugs and old favourites like Karvol, which my mum used to drop on my pillow to combat childhood snuffles. I've driven over 800 miles this week for work so there has been much one handed nose blowing and being spotted by other motorists whilst rubbing Happinose up my nostrils. The worst thing is the stuffy head - I've been so busy at work this week and I really needed my brain to be present and correct but sadly it had abandoned me by Friday morning, so I took to the sofa with my above supplies to watch back to back Escape To The Country and feel sorry for myself

Having banished Matt to the spare room (we divide and conquer when one of us is ill) I've been spending every night propped up on a pile of pillows, watching One Born Every Minute on my iPad. I have a morbid fascination with it - it terrifies and excites me in equal measure. I can't help but cry when the babies are born and I love to see how the dads handle such a life-changing moment. Even more fascinating than that is seeing how relationships play out under pressure. I've always had an interest in psychology but it's also true that I like to study people's relationships because I like to see how Matt and I compare. Not because I'm trying to see if our relationship is 'better' or 'worse' than anyone else's - it's more that I'm wondering if we're normal!

I live by the old adage 'feed a cold, starve a fever' so I've not been holding back this week. I always seem to be hungry when I have a cold so it's no hardship! I must admit though, I've been feeling decidedly nervous about eating meat lately due to the horsemeat scandal. I know it's not going to poison us but still, the thought that items marked as beef were actually 100% HORSEMEAT has really worried me. I don't buy frozen lasagne thank goodness, but who's to say that the minced beef I buy to make my own lasagne is actually beef?? I think I might start looking for some meat free recipes ...

This weekend I plan on keeping warm and doing little, with the ultimate aim of shifting this cold. On Monday night I'm going to the cinema to see I Give It A Year and at some point I'm going to get my hair done. It's Valentine's Day next week isn't it? I can't stand Valentine's Day, it's too commercialised and forced for my taste so we don't do anything to mark it, we never even go out for a meal or anything. In fact, I can't remember if we even get each other cards. I'm thinking probably not! Although I do remember the year that my Dad stopped getting cards for me and my sister and there was an uproar. It just wasn't right, despite the fact (as he pointed out) that we were both living with our partners and it was their responsibility to buy us cards. A shoddy excuse, I'm sure you'll agree

Anyway, have a great weekend (and a great Valentine's!)


  1. I am so sorry you are sick. I just recovered from my cold which led me to go to the Emergency Room because of high fever and balance disorder. Have lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids! Get well soon!

  2. Oh no! We're already gone through the flu over here... hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no I hope you get better soon! I absolutely hate the texture of mince so it's something I avoid at all costs. Normally people call me fussy about it but now I feel rather triumphant. I've heard chicken lasagne is quite nice or you could always use quorn mince, I think a lot of people use that just because it's healthier and most can't tell the difference x

  4. I watch One Born to scare myself out of wanting children right this second haha! It's not practical for us right now but my body clock is screaming at me to get it done ASAP which is very annoying! I always cry when they're born too, its such a magical moment.

    I really hope you feel better soon xx

  5. Seafood lasagne is my favourite alternative to beef - its SO good! Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

  6. Jeez-Louiseeee there are lots of remedies here. You poor thing :(((( I thought you'd gone a bit quiet of late and was going to email you. Hope you're feeling better soon (getting your hair done makes everything feel better) xxx

  7. I feel your pain :( i'm also trying to shift a cold but still working on the farm. I had a bit of a lazy day yesterday and did some studying for my equine nutrition course and watching the rugby in front of the woodburner. I keep threatening my horses with Findus and Tesco if they don't behave!
    I made a baked bean lasagne on Saturday - not that i could taste it, but it was ok!
    get well soon


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