Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year

I'm quite superstitious about New Year and starting the year in the way you mean to go on. I always make sure I have clean bedding on New Year's Eve and have washed my hair, the house has to be clean and tidy, all the washing done and put away etc. It just wouldn't feel right to welcome in the New Year if things weren't quite up to scratch! My family used to carry out some elaborate process of letting the old year out of the back door of the house and the new year in the front ... the person with the darkest hair had to bring in a lump of coal or something ... I never quite got to grips with that!

But I like the feeling of a clean slate on January 1st and the opportunity for self improvement in the year ahead. So here are my personal resolutions for 2013 

Swear less
I'm not proud to admit that I have a bit of a potty mouth - this year I am definitely going to try and tone down the swearing. I can manage it when I'm around my nephew or Matt's parents so it can't be that hard, right?

Exercise the dogs more
Since I've not been working the dogs or training them for competitions they've been getting a lot less exercise and both of them have put on a few kilos (as have I!) So this year I'll be spending longer walking them every day

Learn to make pastry
I gave up on trying to make my own pastry years ago, after numerous abortive attempts and much swearing (see first resolution) But 2013 will be the year that I perfect the skill. Or at least give it another go (and swear less when it all goes horribly wrong)

Spend more time with my family
My little nephew is growing up so fast and is so much fun to be around, I don't want to miss out on any time with him. I want to see him more and do fun stuff with him rather than paying him the odd, rushed visit when I'm in town. This year I'll plan ahead to make sure I have more time to spend with him and hopefully I can do some babysitting duty too. My sister is getting married this year and my dad and (soon-to-be-) stepmum won't be far behind them, I want to savour these special times and be part of them, not just a brief visitor

Remember birthdays
I am disgraceful when it comes to remembering people's birthdays. This year I am going to write every single one on my calendar and keep a stock of birthday cards. If I see a card that would be perfect for someone I will just buy it, even if their birthday isn't for six months. That way I will always have their card ready and won't have to do a last minute raid on the Co-Op's crappy card selection

Be more organised next Christmas
This December I let myself down badly, ignoring my own advice of 'to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail'. Things went wrong, didn't happen at all or were done in a last minute panic, which isn't like me. Next year will be different - I've already started planning. Presents will be bought early, I will have plenty of wrapping paper, cards, tags and sellotape, the wreath will be hung the day I buy it, not two weeks later when it's half dead ... look out December 2013, I won't be caught out again

Hopefully, having my resolutions written down will help me keep track of how well (or not) I'm doing this year

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? I'd love to know what they are!


  1. Lovely goals, I hope you achieve each + every one in the new year!! xo

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only swearer, the amount of times I casually drop a naughty word into conversation is just not ladylike xx

  3. Lately the air around me has been blue, I can't stop swearing. Not classy. Should probably take a leaf out of your book on this one!

    Jem xXx

  4. Great goals, I want to sort my potty mouth too :P xx

  5. Wow you're prepared for the New Year! I'm lucky if I can manage to make dinner on NYE, and that coal malarky sounds like good plain fun!

    I'm also guilty of swearing a lot. I don't tend to notice it at the time, but then when I'm on my own I cringe slightly and feel awful! x

  6. I'm a serious potty mouth too and I've been trying to cut down on all the swearing since 2010! It's such a tough job.


  7. Every year I tell myself to be more organised at Christmas, but I never am. Ever. I'm with you on the swearing, I've got so bad recently! I hope you frigging nail them! xxx

  8. Ugh, totally with you on the swearing. Isn't it weird how we automatically stop around certain people?!


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