Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Round Up

giant spider which took over the bathroom - an autumn walk with my BFF - cute present from my sister
honey loaf, delicious toasted and buttered - edinburgh forecast - train window view
first mulled wine of the season - lovely warm pub after a freezing castle tour - train snacks

This was the week that we FINALLY managed to get away for a little break! We went to Edinburgh on Tuesday, I'll do a bit more of a detailed post over the weekend although I didn't take many photographs as the weather wasn't even as good as the photo above suggested! My lovely best friend Liz came over to look after the house/dogs/chickens, the dogs absolutely adore her so it was as much of a holiday for them as it was for us!

Today it is nine years since my mum died so I'll be spending the day with my Dad and sister as is traditional for us. We scattered my Mum's ashes at Lake Windermere so we have the day there together on the anniversary and on her birthday. It sounds very sad but it's not as sad as it used to be - enough time has passed now that we don't spend our time there crying, we spend it reminiscing about the good times and the funny times and just enjoying each other's company

This weekend I need to finally nail down a colour for the new kitchen walls and ceiling and get painting as I'm running out of time. The Aga will be here in a week and a half and I need to have the kitchen ready ... once my new baby is installed there will be no painting in there if I have anything to do with it! I've already told Matt he has to board up the kitchen doors to stop the builders popping in there to make a cup of tea, if anyone damaged it I would go mad with rage! Speaking of Agas, how cute is the doorstop kit my sister got me??

I hope you've all had a great week and have exciting plans for the weekend. What will you be up to?


  1. So sorry about your Mum, I have also lost my Mum so I share that pain.

    So glad you finally got away for your mini-break! Will look forward to your post on Edinburgh and what you thought. I've only been once 9 years ago and loved it.

    We shall be celebrating this weekend as Mr B.P. got a new job offer this morning. So we shall be cracking open the bubbly tonight and probably regretting it in the morning (the bubbly that is not the new job LOL).

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Congratulations Mr BP!!

      Thanks Kay, have a great night xx

  2. eeeee!! That spider would terrify me if I found that sitting in my bathroom!!
    That doorstop is super cute!!
    What a lovely weather forecast!! It is going to be 60* over here (which means cooler + rainy!) I'm a little sad that that is about a low as the weather gets for us in this neck of California!! :(
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xo

    1. It terrified me, it was big AND fast, what a combination!
      Have a great weekend Megan xx

  3. Ooh looking forward to reading about what you got up to in Edinburgh - I hope you had a great time, despite the weather.

    Haha, very cute doorstop! What colour have you decided to go with in the kitchen?

    Gemma xx

    1. I went with 'Bone' by Farrow & Ball in the end. But it's not on the walls yet so I've still got time to change my mind! xx


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