Tuesday, 2 October 2012

YouTube Favourites

Before I discovered the world of blogs, I was already a big fan of YouTube videos. I think I had googled 'haircare routine' and been directed to Fleur de Force's channel on YouTube as she had posted a haircare video. From that moment on I was transfixed, I watched every single one of her videos and when she started vlogging every day, every second month I found myself obsessively waiting for her vlogs to be posted as I just loved them so much. I felt like it was a bit of a guilty pleasure, getting a peek into someone's everyday life. A bit like a reality TV programme but more ... real!

Through Fleur's videos I discovered two other vloggers, Tanya and Louise and found myself just as addicted to their videos as Fleur's. All three are very different but I love them all!

Fleur de Force
My first YouTube discovery, I will literally watch anything this girl puts on YouTube and enjoy it! I started watching for her beauty reviews and hauls, I have got some great recommendations (and spent a fortune!) because of her.
Fleur also vlogs every day, every second month (on her vlog channel) and her vlogs are so much fun to watch, she lives in a beautiful house, in a beautiful area, has sweet pets and a lovely boyfriend and most of her days are spent doing something interesting, plus LOTS of shopping. I just love nosing into her life, I can't lie.

Tanya Burr
Fleur mentioned Tanya one day and I watched one of her make up tutorials and was hooked from that moment on. Tanya is a make up artist, she makes make up easy and accessible, gives great recommendations and is really cute! She vlogs sometimes and her boyfriend Jim also makes videos which are hilarious

Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter
As with Tanya, I discovered Louise through one of Fleur's videos. I watched a couple of her videos and just fell in love with her. Louise is just naturally funny, her stories, facial expressions and funny comments crack me up and I could seriously watch her all day. I often find myself rewinding her vidos to rewatch funny bits again and again!
Louise vlogged quite a lot when she was pregnant and listening to her tales of pregnancy woes and worries is just brilliant, her honesty and humour make it fun to be along for the ride. She's just one of those people that makes you think 'I would LOVE to go out drinking with her!'

If you haven't already seen any of these girl's videos I suggest you click the links above and treat yourself!

Do you subscribe to any YouTube channels? Which YouTubers would you recommend?


  1. I've heard of Fleur but never watched, I might have to give her channel a go. I love Louise, and i also watch Zoella, All That Glitters 21 and jenna Marbles xx

    1. I quite like Zoella too, I'll have to check out the others. Thanks for the tip buddy xx

  2. DollyBowBow, FashionRocksMySocks, gemsmaquillage, stylehaul, The Fashion Citizen, The Persian Babe and voussontbeauetbelle to name a few!:)

    1. Thanks Georgie that's plenty to be going on with! :-) xx

  3. That is so strange, i had the exact same experience, i stumbled across Fleur, became slightly addicted and also now watch Tanya and Louise through Fleurs mentions! I really like watching Vivianna does makeup as well :) x

  4. I found Louise and Zoe on The Body Shop web, and then found Fleur. I also like to watch Beautycrush and missglamorazzi. :)


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