Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Bonding Experience

My beloved Freelander had to be sold last week - as part of Project Sell-up, which will help us to finish the house renovations and pay for the new business premises I mentioned in this post. In lieu of the lovely Freelander, I have been given a Discovery

I've had a few Discoverys in the past but this one is 20 years old and has been sitting in a field for the last few years. I'm not kidding. Matt took it off someone's hands intending to scrap it but decided to do it up for me and the dogs instead. So it had all new bits, someone briefly waved a hoover around inside it and it arrived on the drive last week. I didn't take too much notice until Matt rang me from work, laughing his head off, to see what I thought of it. I ventured outside to have a look and found that the inside was festooned with cobwebs and dead flies. Yuk. Undeterred, I popped the dogs in the back and trundled off to the woods.

I soon found that at high speed the steering disappeared completely and when going around corners it sounded as though there was a bag of spanners rolling around in the back. I mentioned this to Matt later and was told 'it's fine, you just haven't driven one in a while'. When we went to walk the Enduro course on Saturday afternoon, before Matt's Sunday race, we took the old Disco and Matt drove. I sat and waited until we got up to 50mph, hit a bump and careered across the road.

Matt: 'Jesus! The steering's knackered!'

We kept going, keeping below 50 and hoping for the best. We walked the course, went for a beer and stopped for fish and chips before jumping back in the truck and heading home. Just as the lights of the village were becoming little dots in the rear view mirror ...

Matt: 'Oh. The battery light's come on'
Me: 'What does that mean?'
Matt: 'Well ... it will keep going for a bit and then it will die'
Me: 'Actually DIE ???'
Matt: 'Yeah. We've got 20 minutes, if we're lucky'
Me: 'Well get your bloody foot down then !!!'

We switched off the heat, fans and radio and sat tight. Very tight, I hung on to my seat whilst Matt drove like a bat out of hell along the winding country roads, hanging on to the old bus and trying to go in as much of a straight line as possible. Thank goodness he knows that route well! We sat in silence, occasionally punctuated by 'are the lights getting dimmer??' and hoped against hope that the old Disco would get us fairly close to home, or at least to somewhere that was lit and had mobile signal. The dogs bounced around in the back and my knuckles were white. It was like the worst rollercoaster ride ever.

Against all the odds we did make it home and breathed huge sighs of relief whilst unclenching our bum cheeks. And the Disco hasn't moved off the drive since.

I want my Freelander back.


  1. I've just spent a bit more time catching up on your blog and I officially want to come and live with you! Room for a small one and a fluffy white dog? :) Your renovation project sounds so exciting and I admire you both hugely for taking something like that on. Your current house/cottage looks beautiful and I'm sure you'll have a lovely Christmas there. We currently live in a terraced house in a small residential area in the New Forest; it's our first house so it's all we could afford but I dream of somewhere a bit more country-fied; at the moment I'm just living vicariously through your tales of land rovers and chickens! I recently had some inheritance to buy a car and a land rover was top of my list but we decided it was perhaps not practical for commuting! I definitely dream of living somewhere more rural in the future but my boyfriend's passion in life is surfing so it has to be rural and coastal if that exists!

    Oh this is turning into a mammoth comment, sorry, just wanted to re-iterate how excited I am to have found your blog. In a sea of blogs based in London filled with attending events and fashion I can't afford it is a very welcome change! xo

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment!
      I would love to live in the New Forest, it's a gorgeous place. We had many family holidays there when I was little and I keep meaning to arrange a week for us and the dogs there but it's just SO far away!
      You did absolutely the right thing in not getting a Land Rover! I'm lucky that Matt is a Land Rover specialist so all of the work on ours costs me nothing. Tyres, tax, fuel - it all adds up.
      I'm so pleased that you like my little blog! I love yours too and I'm so pleased I found it, there's nothing better than finding a new blog to love is there?
      PS. You and Bodhi are welcome, bring your own wellies :-) xx

    2. Well if you ever do visit down here let me know, I know a little white doggy that would love to meet some labradors! That's what my other half said, that the cost really adds up with Land Rovers and it's not a vehicle either of us really know anything about. I think it is probably a venture for later in life! It is lovely finding new blogs, looking forward to your future posts :) xo

  2. Oh dear! Disco's do tend to be like sitting in a deck chair at the best of times and i'm only far to familiar with Land Rover problems. Hope you can get another freelander soon. :)


  3. We are in the process of car hunting- although slightly different requirements to yours- we have gone from a tiny little VW Polo to looking for something bigger- maybe a four by four or something similar as are our family is growing!

    Hope you get used to the new car soon!x


    1. Thanks! I love your risotto recipe post by the way xx


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