Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Favourites

Joules Snood
The first thing I have been loving this month is my trusty knitted snood from Joules. I bought it last year and as soon as the temperature started to drop I dug it out of the wardrobe and it's barely left my neck since. There's nothing worse than a cold neck, is there?

Liz Earle Deep Cleanse Mask
I've been trying to decide on a deep cleansing mask for a while and decided to give this one a go. I've been a Liz Earle fan for years, my mum used the whole range and I started pinching it when I was about 15!
This is a clay mask which promises to deep cleanse and regulate oiliness - exactly what I wanted. It has quite a strong smell and is very dark in colour - not great if the postman knocks whilst you've got it on (yes, that happened!) But it really feels like a treat and my skin certainly looks and feels better afterwards. It comes in a zip pouch with two handy little sponges to remove it with - one of the little Liz Earle touches that I love. From

Kerastase Nectar Thermique
After my last highlights appointment my hair was left seriously weak and unhappy so I dug around in my stash to see what I could find to give it a bit of extra protection. I haven't used this product since about February but I started using it again this month and wonder why I ever stopped!
It's a leave-in 'heat styling protective agent' for dry to very dry hair. I run it through my hair before oiling and drying, it's fragrant and thick and leaves my hair soft and tangle-free. Plus I feel like I'm looking after it a bit better! From feelunique

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
This was on my wish list last month and I treated myself when I got paid because I'm still having terrible trouble sleeping. Two sprays is enough, any more is too much. It contains lavender (my favourite), vetivert and camomile which are all reputed to promote deep sleep. It certainly helps me to relax when I get to bed, it's no miracle cure but I definitely feel it helps. From feelunique

Clipper Teas Organic Sleep Easy Tea
Another weapon in my arsenal of sleep aids, the first time I tried this I wasn't over keen on the taste. But I now love it and look forward to it every night!
The tea bags don't smell that inspriring (Matt describes them as 'herbal cat pee mixed with wet dog') but once you pour the water on they release a lovely waft of orange and cinnamon which, along with the chamomile and valerian make the perfect night time brew

What have been your favourite things this September? I'd love your recommendations!


  1. Another snood gal! I really like scarves/snoods etc, I have too many hehe!

    As for the sleep spray, I'm really glad you featured this as I also have one. Mine is from The Body Shop which you can spray on your pillow and body.

    I've only ever used it on my pillow/bedding area and I agree they don't work miracles but I find it quite relaxing all the same :)

    Amy xx

    1. I do love to wrap up my neck!

      I've heard the Body Shop one is really good too, this doesn't exactly knowck me out but every little helps doesn't it? xx

  2. These are lovely favourites, there all things I havent seen before which is refreshing! I'd really like to try the pillow spray and tea as I also really struggle with sleep!
    I found you through Mels share the love post and Im enjoying your blog...Im now following! :)


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