Saturday, 29 September 2012

Good Vibes Please?

My little Jessie Bear hasn't had a good couple of weeks. Last week I found she had fleas for the first time in her life. This week she has poorly eyes, something to do with the teeny airborne particles at this time of the year because of Harvest we think

So Jessie, Wilson and I toddled off to the Vets on Monday for their annual vaccinations, he had a little look at her eyes and gave me some drops for her. She has her drops three times a day and she's such a patient patient, she sits quiet and still while I pull her eyelids about and blinks like a good 'un when I've finished

I also asked our lovely vet, Mike,to have a look at her jaw as she struggles with her biscuits, she's been like it for a while and although she's been thoroughly examined in the past with nothing to report, I'm still a bit worried about her

There is a condition which is prevalent in Labradors where the immune system attacks the muscles which work the jaw. We have to hope very hard that she doesn't have this as there is no cure and it would mean a very miserable time for her (and obviously for us too)

So please, can I ask you to send out some good vibes for my Jessie Bear?

She's such a sweetheart. She's only four years old but she's been grey around the chin since Wilson came along three years ago. When I first got her I lived on my own and it was just me and her for a while there. I'm not going to lie, we shared a bed more often than not and when Matt came into our lives he fell in love with her long before he fell in love with me.

His words, not mine.


  1. all my wishes and good lucks for you and jessie. i have dogs too and so i can understand how you feel completely.x

  2. Poor baby, sending good vibes to her xxx

  3. Loves of love and good wishes to your gorgeous doggy, I hope she is all okay . xxxxxx

  4. Sending lots of love and good vibes for your beautiful girl, I hope she's okay! :) xo

  5. :(( Poor Jessie! Sending many good vibes hope she's ok xx


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