Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday round up

Deep Sleep goodies - cosy new slippers - yummy tomato soup
Birthday presents for my nephew - nearly a new bedroom door - makeshift stairs
Finley Joe the golfer - a rainy walk - a cuddle with a playful bear

Another busy week, full of big changes at work (boo) and not having any food in the house because I've been too busy reading blogs to do the shopping!

This week;

I checked in with my family and spent some time with my little nephew Finley Joe. He is the cutest little boy ever, especially now he has learned to say my name! He gets so excited to see my dad and stepmum, it's lovely to see my dad with him, he just adores him. My sister texted me yesterday to tell me Fin had been asking for me 'and the chick-chicks'!!

We also visited our friends and their new baby, Jacob. He was born five weeks early and weighed a tiny 5lb! He was the tiniest baby I've ever seen, so tiny that Matt was scared to hold him! He looked so fragile! His perfect, miniscule fingernails were so cute and he slept pretty much the whole time we were there, only waking briefly to feed. He is adorable. I bought him babygrows with tractors on because his daddy is a farmer :-)

This visit cheered us up after Matt got to work and found that a big hole he had dug last year (a footing for a new storage unit) was full of dead hedgehogs. A little prickly family of six had fallen in. So sad, especially when he saw the scratches up the side where they had desperately tried to climb out. RIP little hoggies.

The weekend also saw the very first #lbloggers chat on Sunday night. I was so happy that so many people joined in and it was great that everyone seemed so excited! I came away with so many links (and new people to follow), I still haven't worked my way through them all! I have high hopes for the next one, which is being led by Charlotte, on Sunday night at 8pm. Be there!

I took the dogs to the vet for their vaccinations and Jessie got some eye drops and some medicine which is suspiciously similar to Calpol. She seems to quite like it.

We spent a night at the new house, Matt plasterboarding the snug and me painting the fresh plaster in the bathroom. We put old music on and sang loudly while we worked, it was fun and exciting and, as Matt kindly pointed out, I 'didn't whinge or whine once'

I got overexcited and showed Matt the place I was planning to take him for his birthday. He almost had a heart attack at the price and told me he'd rather stay somewhere cheaper for longer. Back to the drawing board then. I wasn't sure he would like it anyway, it's a kind of 'love it or hate it' sort of place. If you're nosey you can have a peep here

It's been really chilly a couple of days this week, I packed up all my vests and summer dresses and put them into storage. I dragged out my jumpers and cardigans and treated myself to a pair of Ugg slippers - I've wanted a pair for the last couple of years but was put off by the price. But we have all wooden or tiled floors downstairs and a tiled bathroom floor which is FREEZING on your feet in the colder weather so I decided to go ahead and splurge when I got paid this week. I'm very pleased I did, they are the cosiest slippers ever!

Last night we went to see our lovely joiner who is busy making our new kitchen. The sink unit is nearly finished, it looks gorgeous. I never thought I'd be so excited about a handmade kitchen but this is what happens when a) you get old and b) you meet a man obsessed with oak.

This weekend we'll be doing more work on the house, eating Indian or Chinese food, and getting out with the dogs. I'll be spending more time trying desperately to resize a photo I want to use for advertising this little ol' blog (and tearing my hair out I expect) and we'll obviously catch up on X Factor.

Matt: You know we're both crap singers?
Me: I do.
Matt: Do you think our kids will be amazing singers?
Me: No. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Matt: Oh. Do you think it's generic?
Me: Do you mean genetic??

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