Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A New Friend

Hello blog friends!

Today's post was supposed to be a beauty review but I just had to show you what we found in the footings of our new lounge last night

A little hare! Isn't he cute? I have no idea how he ended up in there, maybe he was chased in or fell in? Either way, he had been there all day and he was there when we left him last night. He wasn't injured in any way and didn't seem to be in shock or distressed or anything.

We put some breeze block steps at one edge and left a scaffolding plank over another, so he has two possible escape routes. But he seemed to be enjoying himself to be honest, he didn't seem too scared of us, he came quite close. We named him Ferris

I found myself talking to him, as you do.

'Ah little Ferris, how did you get in there? Where are all your friends? Would you like to come home with us and live with the chickens?'

And he listened! Look at his big ears!

He didn't seem too enamoured by the prospect so we left him in his big hole instead.

I'm going to pop round at lunch time and see if he's still there. Boyfriend must have come round to the idea, I told him this morning that if Ferris was still there it must mean he wants to be a pet hare. He said 'well you'd better take a cage with you then ...'

Although I'm not sure I've got a cage big enough to fit those ears in ....


  1. so cute. So will Ferris stay with you?

  2. Was he still here? I hope he was, he's adorable!

  3. He is still there! Think we need to try to catch him - this could be fun!!

  4. awwww so cute xx

  5. That bottom photo is amazing! I love how he is looking directly at the camera. I don't blame you for talking to him, it is something about animals that makes me talk to them! xxx

  6. wow hes huge! ive never seen a hare that close before. sounds like he wants to make your home his home haha xxx

  7. He really posed didn't he?? He wasn't chatty but he was a good listener :-) xx

  8. Wow, he is gorgeous - I've never seen a hare up close before.
    Mel x

  9. Hares are so peculiar! What a cutie x

  10. Well you know what they say!! Hare today gone tomorrow :)


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