Friday, 31 August 2012

This Week I've Mostly Been ...

Killing another plant

I'm a notorious plant murderer but I've only had this one for about a month - a new record! I usually pass ailing plants to my friend Liz at the first signs of trouble, she can bring them back round with a bit of TLC and/or magic. But I think this one is too far gone.

I don't know if I dare get another one.

Clothes shopping!

I popped into Meadowhall on my way home last night with the sole purpose of buying skinny jeans. I came out of Gap with two pairs of THE BEST jean leggings I have ever tried, seriously, I wish I'd discovered them years ago. I struggle with skinny jeans, they're usually too tight around the behind and squeeze my knackered old knees but these are perfect.

I also got a sweater, a long sleeved T shirt and three mens T shirts (for sleeping in - sexy eh?)

Breaking my beauty spending ban

Don't judge me! I was only looking, then the lovely girl sat me down and used these products on my horrendously dark undereye circles and the results were so amazing I just had to buy them. I know, I'm a bad blogger. I was so determined to stick to my ban. It lasted all of a week.

On the plus side, I very nearly bought a blusher and a lipstick too but managed to resist. Does that count? No?

Buying more childhood books

I was so sad to hear that Nina Bawden had died recently. I went straight to Amazon to purchase my favourite childhood book of hers, The Peppermint Pig. My mum used to take me to the library every week to borrow books and audiobooks. This was an audiobook I reborrowed every week until the (mean) librarian suggested maybe it was time to let someone else have a turn!

My sister loved the audiobook of Tatty Apple by Jenny Nimmo. So I bought a copy of that too for her to read to her little boy 


I must have been a bit forceful in my warnings of 'mind my car' when my boyfriend was towing the digger off the drive this morning. He gave it such a wide berth that the trailer got wedged against the gate on the other side. I had to go to the rescue (after I'd finished taking photos from my office window!)

He didn't mention my crap parking so I didn't mention his crap manouevering. Fair's fair.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. From one plant killer to another: I feel your pain. Outdoors in a garden (which we're currently lacking in our town centre maisonette) I'm fairly green-fingered. But give me a pot plant and it'll be dead within a week!! I have the same problem with fish - cannot keep a fish alive for longer than a couple of weeks.

    Jem xXx

    1. Thank goodness it's not just me! I have tried so hard with my pot plants, I love having them but I just forget to water them. I was pretty bad with fish too, once one jumped out of the tank and lay frying under the canopy light for about a week before I noticed, it was rank! xx

  2. ohh how much was the concealer?! I've heard nothing but good reviews about it (I know, i'm also meant to be on a spending ban!)

    poppy xxx

    1. Nooooo Poppy, stay strong!! The corrector was £18 and the concealer was £24. The corrector goes on first and counteracts the blueness, then the concealer evens it all out. I could work for them couldn't I?? Full review with photos coming soon xx

  3. love reading your blog. I am your new follower now. keke

  4. hi :) just wanted to pop in and say hi, am your newest follower and love the blog! i always kill plants - all the less robust ones die within a few months, its so frustrating!!! anyway...enough of the ramblings!!
    Nic xx

    1. Hi Nic and welcome! Another plant killer? Perhaps you, Jem and I should form Plant Manslaughterers Anonymous?? xx


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