Thursday, 16 August 2012

Peace Reigns

We took the difficult decision to lose some chickens at the weekend. If you read last Friday's post you will know that my little favourite, Custard, revealed that he is a boy. This went down like a fart in a lift with Squealer, who had decided that he was the Big Cheese around here, so he took to beating Custard black and blue pretty much non stop. I also spotted him having a go at one of the Buffs and hiding under the truck and jumping out on the other chicks when they walked past. He'd just got altogether a bit too big for his boots.

They used to be such good friends! Squealer (left) and Custard (right)

So it wasn't a difficult decision to let him go. One of our new neighbours had already asked if we wanted to rehome some with him so we decided to give him a trio. Deciding which two hens to let him have was a bit harder. We eventually picked Evil Black Hen and Partially Bald Frizzle Hen as we thought we would be least likely to miss these two and whilst we were sorry to lose two good layers, Squealer and EBH could go and cause havoc in someone else's flock.

So off they went on Sunday and since then all has been peaceful.

Long may it continue!

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