Sunday, 19 August 2012

Looking forward to my favourite season

Hello blog friends :-)

Maybe it's because I've been ill for the last few days, so have been feeling cold and shivery and in need of cosiness and hot drinks. Maybe it's because the Lakeland Autumn catalogue arrived last week, full of Kilner jars and jam spoons. Maybe it's because the nights seem to be slowly drawing in and the chickens going to bed earlier. I don't know what it is but recently I've been feeling a little excited, looking forward to Autumn.

Autumn has always been my favourite season. I love everything about it;

Walking the dogs on crisp, misty mornings, seeing the leaves change colour and feeling them crunch underfoot. I love how the weather starts to change, cooling down and becoming foggy. I love the dark brooding clouds and looking down into misty valleys.

Foraging in the hedgerows for berries to make bramble jelly and sloe gin. Apple chutney, steak and ale pies, slow cooked stews and casseroles, roast lamb. Winter Pimms and mulled wine. Baking in a warm, sweet-scented kitchen with the dogs hanging around my feet while it's dank and drizzling outside.

Hearing the first shots of the shooting season and getting my winter dog walking gear out of hibernation. Dodging young pheasants on the road and looking out for the old campaigners who made it through last season. Seeing fit, clipped horses and excited riders out cubbing.

Being cosy in front of the log burner on dark nights, watching winter TV in our lamp lit lounge with the dogs curled up on the rug.

Tweed! Chunky jumpers, cord skirts, thick scarves and snoods. Flat caps and bobble hats. Gilets and cardigans and boots. I love the cosy feeling of wearing layers but am usually found around the house in a hoodie.

And possibly the best thing - looking forward to Christmas! Planning gifts and wrappings, writing my Christmas card list and Christmas menu shopping list. Getting the decorations and Christmas scented candles out of storage. Deciding who to invite over to eat and when, what we will do on Christmas day, the restaurants whose Christmas menus we CANNOT miss. Heading off for a weekend in Chester with my best pal, eating, drinking, soaking up the atmosphere and only buying gifts for ourselves. And of course, Lincoln Christmas Market, that mecca of overpriced Christmas food, drink and festivities which has been a lifelong tradition for my family.

But before all that is the traditional October spa day at Eden Hall with my best friend Liz. We frequent this spa about four times a year and try to stick to the colder months because it feels even more of a treat to be warm and pampered whilst it's raining and windy outside. Plus their Autumn/Winter menus are amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I don't want to wish my life away, goodness knows this year is flying by quickly enough but I really can't wait for Autumn!


  1. Ahhhh Lincoln Christmas Market! I love making the pilgrimage home to go to it - ridiculously overcrowded though it is these days! :-)

    Jem xXx

    1. It is busier than ever but SO worth it! x

  2. I love Autumn and Spring. The only good thing about Summer is the ability to hang four loads of washing on the line (well, sometimes) as we don't own a tumble dryer. The only lovely thing about Winter is Christmas and the excuse to get out the vintage decorations!

    I'm with you on the crisp mornings with the pooch too.

    1. Agreed - am I the only one who gets up on a lovely day and gets excited about how many loads of washing I might get through??

  3. this is everything i love perfectly summed up. the fact that it's september now has got me even more excited :) x

    1. Me too! Those leaves will be crisping up as I type :) xx


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