Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

Hello blog friends!

I have seen a couple of posts on beauty blogs called 'How Much Is Your Face Worth?' and immediately I guessed what the premise was. Basically, how much does the make up that goes into your everyday 'look' cost? I was a bit scared to do it myself, firstly because it involved a close up photo (God I hate how I look in photos!) but secondly because I had a sneaking suspicion the answer would be 'far more than looks would suggest!'

I wasn't wrong.

Total = £217.99


OK so let me attempt to justify this. The concealer was actually a sample that I've had for ages - I didn't pay full price for it. Um ... that's all I've got.

It really adds up though doesn't it? I only seem to buy high end brands but I buy makeup so infrequently that I've never really noticed the price. I should say that I mostly work from home and rarely go anywhere exciting so although this my current 'everyday look' I only wear this amount of makeup maybe twice a week. Apart from that I'm usually a makeup free zone, so I may spend a fortune on it but it lasts me ages.

Did I tell you I'm on a beauty spending ban this month ??

I'd love to know how much your face is worth ... leave a comment below if you are brave enough!


  1. Hello! You have such a nice blog! Loved this TAG!
    I'm a new follower, would you like to follow each other?



    1. Thanks Monica, I like your blog too! I love your red lipstick and your Vivienne Westwood flats xx


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