Friday, 27 July 2012

This Week I've Mostly Been ....

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Hasn't it been gorgeous this week? Super hot and sunny, it's about time the weather gods smiled on us for a change!

Working hard for my week off

I like to try to get my workload up to date before having time off to avoid any nasty surprises whilst I'm away

Sadly my BlackBerry will still be on next week but I will be ignoring it at will

Getting excited about house renovations

My new kitchen was plastered earlier this week, eeee! So exciting, it's really starting to look like a proper house now rather than a building site

By tomorrow the kitchen will have a tiled floor too, I can barely contain myself! I'll be spending this weekend getting the first coat of paint on the walls and giving the windows their final coat outside. Dull but necessary.

Enjoying a bath before bed

I love a nice relaxing bath, it really helps me wind down before bed.

It's even better when you have luxurious bath goodies to use and I'm loving my new Rituals products (review here)

Wondering how much more tame this chick will get

I had a little sit in the garden the other night (in my camping chair!) and it just popped up on to the arm next to me! Just look at those feathery feet, aren't they cute?

Lusting after the new Cath Kidston collection

Look at these little salt and pepper shakers - I MUST have them!

Cath Kidston Stanley Salt and Pepper Shakers £16

That's it, my week in pictures! Instagram is brilliant for this. What have you mostly been doing this week?


  1. Lovely pictures! I'm loving the bath, and am also now after those salt and pepper pots! x

  2. Great photos, love the bath and the chickens feet made me laugh :) We have a couple of chickens but they don't like sitting with us like yours ha ha

    Tanesha x

    1. Thanks! Yes some of ours are a bit anti social too, unless you have food! Lovely blog by the way :-)


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