Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rachael Reviews - This Works Perfect Heels

I have to confess that during the winter I tend to let myself go a bit. Not completely, I’m not talking about turning into a hobo for six months of the year. But I find it hard to bother to shave my legs regularly when no one is going to see them. I might not always moisturise my body, preferring to rely on bath oil to keep my skin from flaking off. You know what I mean. It’s easy to get a bit lazy when you’re swamped in multiple layers of warm clothing to keep the bitter British weather at bay.
The area most likely to suffer is my feet. Aside from filing and painting my nails, I tend to let my feet have the winter off. When they spend most of their time in multiple pairs of socks and variations on a boot theme, never seeing the light of day, I don’t see the point in buffing them to baby softness.
Usually by this time of year I’ve dragged them out of hibernation, dusted them off and brought them up to scratch, ready for sandal wearing weather. But as the Great British Summer has yet to begin, I’ve been a tad late with the routine this year. Which I hadn’t even realised until I needed to visit my physio a few weeks ago for treatment on an Achilles injury.
To say he looked taken aback when I unveiled my dry, calloused trotters is an understatement. I had just returned from a week long break which had involved a lot of walking – hence the injury – and bore the scars to prove it –even rougher, drier feet than usual post-winter and some serious callouses, including one with a blood blister. He also asked me why I hadn’t moisturised my legs. We’re pretty familiar with each other, he doesn’t hold back.
I left feeling pretty ashamed of myself and rushed home to rectify the situation. I hit the internet, found This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm and was impressed by the reviews. Less so by the price but this was an emergency. ‘Fast acting treatment to prettify feet on show’ read the description. YES! This was EXACTLY what I needed! ‘Effectively transforms badly cracked heels and dry skin into younger-looking feet’. Marvellous!

This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm 75ml, £15.00 from www.feelunique.com with free worldwide delivery

The balm arrived and I was disappointed by the size to be honest, I hadn’t realised that it was only 75ml. No matter. I soaked my feet, dried them, slathered the stuff on and tucked my feet into booties for the night. The balm is quite thick and waxy, I hoped this wouldn’t affect how well it absorbed. I have to say I was repelled by the smell, it’s truly awful and something I would expect from an over the counter chemist purchase rather than a high end beauty brand, especially one so beautifully packaged.
My feet were so dry and hard that I fully expected to need a week of sleeping in this balm before I saw any improvement. Wrong! The next morning I peeled back my booties to reveal noticeably softer feet. I hadn’t even buffed them first as I couldn’t find my trusty buffer.
I was very pleasantly surprised by this product, it was extremely effective and more than lived up to my expectations. The only downside is the strong smell – it really is vile, despite the fact that the product contains lemon and lavender, two of my favourite scents. But it does the job. So I will definitely be adding Perfect Heels Rescue Balm to my annual repertoire!

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