Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rachael Reviews - Rituals body products

I've subscribed to a couple of magazines lately as there have been some great subscription offers about - six issues for £9.99? Bargain! But the best thing about subscribing to a magazine is always the free gift you get, right?

This particular gift was courtesy of Red magazine. They change their gift pretty regularly, in fact I only subscribed last month and they've already moved on to something new.

I've never tried Rituals products before so I was keen to give these a go. The gift also included a 'Shower Scrub' which I gave away as I can't see myself using it. I like to scrub in the bath rather than the shower, I wash my hair when I shower so I like to keep it quick as my hair takes up a lot of time!

As soon as I opened the package a great waft of fragrance hit me! I expected it to be overwhelmingly cherry scented but it's not - it's more of a creamy, comforting smell with a hint of sweet cherry in there. The packaging is exactly what I would expect of a high end brand, it looks luxurious and you really feel like you are treating yourself. I was already looking forward to my bath that evening!

Rituals Sakura Scrub in Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom
I was a bit underwhelmed by the scrub when I opened the pot. Compared to my usual scrub (Soap & Glory's 'Flake Away') it seemed very loose and grainy - not much oily stuff to hold it all together with. You have to be careful not to lose bits as you scoop it out, if you know what I mean. But once on your skin it kind of melts a little, you can see and feel the oil and some of the grains seem to disintegrate as you scrub away. This is the first time I've used a sugar scrub and I was really impressed with it. It left my skin tingling a little - sore would be overstating it but I definitely knew I'd had a good exfoliation, in a really pleasant way. And the evidence was in the bath afterwards for all to see!

Rituals Magic Touch in Organic Cherry & Rice Milk
The body cream was equally as impressive, it went on like a dream and I noticed as I was rubbing it in how soft my skin was after the scrub, espcially my elbows! It's not a heavy cream, it has a velvety texture but you can tell it's super nourishing. It's not sticky and doesn't take ages to sink in or leave a residue, it just makes your skin noticeably soft and gorgeous smelling! I can see why it's called Magic Touch.

The next day I could still feel and smell the effects of my little pamper session! My skin stayed lovely and soft even after my next shower when I didn't use the products - impressive!

These items are fairly expensive at £14.50 for the scrub (200g) and £14.90 for the body cream (200g) but I'm pretty sure I will be repurchasing them because this is the best scrub I've ever used. I suppose I could just use the scrub with another moisturiser but I don't like mixing scents. Giving them away with a magazine subscription was a great idea on Rituals' part as I would probably never have purchased these without trying them first.

Rituals products are available from or selected stores such as John Lewis

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