Sunday, 22 July 2012

Being Happy

The aim of this blog is to celebrate the little things in life because they are often the things that make us happiest.

This evening I sat in my garden with a cup of tea and a pile of magazines, my dogs at my feet, watching the chickens go about their busy little lives. The chicks were climbing on the logheap and jumping in and out of plant pots. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and there was a bolognese in the slow cooker for supper.

None of these little things are groundbreaking but put them all together and you get the happiest evening of the week. Certainly happier than Friday evening, which was spent painting my new office windows until midnight!

This made me think of a video I saw last week on a blog I am a huge fan of - Sprinkle of Glitter (see Blogs I Love on the left hand sidebar). I love this blog because the author Louise is wonderfully funny, frank and makes excellent videos. Though her videos are usually beauty and lifestyle based, her last video was entitled 'Being Happy'. Louise radiates happiness and positivity in every video and post, so understandably her viewers were keen to know how she manages to be such a happy bunny so much of the time. Hence the video, which addresses the need to let go of anger and sadness and focus on the positives - including the little things in life - to remind yourself how much you have to be happy about.

Watch this video and be inspired!

And on that note, I'm about to enjoy a little thing that will make me extremely happy ....

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  1. I'm similar - take a seat on the pergola with a brew and Abbie at my feet being the faithful mutt she is.

    What's a little bit disturbing is that I'm turning into my dad!


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